More Eating Healthy on A Budget Tips

6. Eggs are a nearly perfect protein food and all things considered, are very economical and versatile. You can make them any number of ways, of course – scrambled, fried, hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, into omelets or frittatas. You can stir scrambled egg into warm broth to create a type of “egg drop” soup or what Italians call Stracciatella. This was a favorite of my children’s when they were small. Another favorite of my children when they were small was what they called a “Face.” You might know it as a “Toad in a Hole.” Cut a round out of the center of a slice of wholegrain bread with a cookie cutter, put it in a pan with some coconut oil; lightly brown one side; turn and break an egg into the hole. Cook the egg and decorate as a “face” with red pepper smile, olive eyes, whatever your kids like! When made as an omelet or frittata, eggs can be the basis of a nutritious, satisfying and very inexpensive dinner. If you can find a local source for your eggs, that’s great. When Omega-3 eggs like Egglands are on sale and you have a coupon – stock up. Great Day Naturals Omega-3 eggs are sold in my Walmart and are actually less expensive than regular eggs and have the most Omega-3’s and lutein of any other eggs I’ve seen. As an added bonus, they’re distributed by a wonderful, Christian company.

7. You may remember living on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as a kid. Peanut butter can also be a great, nutritious and affordable ingredient in your low budget, high nutrition diet! You have to be careful about the type of peanut butter as peanuts are susceptible to a fungus that generates poisons called aflatoxins, which can cause liver damage. Look for the best quality, natural peanut butter you can find and buy it on sale. It’s great on celery sticks (ants on a log, a favorite of my son, Chris, when he was small), apple slices, whole grain bread and even a tablespoon melted into your morning oatmeal is a great addition and protein boost.

8. While buying grass fed meats like beef, lamb and bison and range free, organic poultry may be entirely out of the question from a budgetary standpoint, (and that is definitely the case for many of us) you can still find the best quality chicken, beef, lamb and turkey on sale at your grocery store periodically, and in the case of ground meats, you can make a little go farther by the addition of spinach, pureed beans, grated zucchini, chopped mushrooms or other vegetables, as well as bumping up the flavor and nutrition.


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