Are Your Roots Healthy?

Every thought you think is a seed. The way you sow or plant it is by saying it. Matthew 6:31 says “Therefore take no thought saying…” You take a thought by saying it. If faith comes by hearing the words of God, then we need to be careful about what words we hear coming out of our mouths.

Thousands of thoughts will come to your mind every day! They are not all your thoughts. And you have a choice – you don’t have to “take” them. Simply refuse to say them. You take them when you say them. Whenever you say something you take ownership of it and give it life.

That’s what one of the 3D living strategies deals with – I call it the 3Cs – Capture, Cancel and Confess. You use those three steps to change wrong thoughts and renew your mind with God’s Word.

When you habitually, repeatedly say something – you not only take it and plant it in your spirit, but it begins growing roots! The longer and more often you say it, the deeper and bigger the roots grow. And the more work you will have to do in order to dig those roots up and replace them with healthy ones. Weeds grow quickly and take no effort to cultivate.

And when you allow weeds to begin growing unchecked – they will take over the entire garden. It’s the same in our hearts. When the wrong thoughts are taken and planted in our spirits, they become the default belief. You’ll just automatically revert to them. While it takes time, effort and consistency to uproot those weeds, it’s well worth it.

When you replace those weeds with healthy thoughts and words, and consistently, repeatedly, habitually plant them, those roots begin growing stronger and deeper. They will then become your default belief and you can reap the harvest you truly want whether it’s health, peace, joy or love.

Think about this as it relates to health or weight loss. If you begin watching your diet but continually say, “I can never stick to a diet” or “I hate to exercise” or “I just can’t lose weight no matter how hard I try” or “I can’t live without (fill in the blank: ice cream, fast foods, soda – whatever) you will have what you are saying: defeat and failure. Is that what you wanted? Of course not.

So, start sowing good seeds that will allow you to reap a harvest of blessing, health, wholeness and joy!


About amusico

I am a holistic health coach and independent nutritional consultant. All my coaching plans are based on my 3-D Living program and a big part of that are the Youngevity Products and Supplements I proudly offer! Visit my website at and learn more about the products and my coaching plans!
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