Check Your Posture

I did a post recently called “Mom Was Right” talking about the importance of being aware of your physical posture.    It’s definitely something we must be aware of.  The way you carry yourself physically says a lot about you.  Good posture – standing up straight, head up, shoulders relaxed and back, chest up – makes you look confident and younger!  If, however, you slouch and walk with your head down – no matter how confident you may be inside – you look defeated, weak and old on the outside.  It’s the difference between looking like a victim and a victor.  Studies prove that people who carry themselves in that victim posture are more likely to be bullied.

I got to thinking about the importance of posture spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Part of the definition of “posture” is carriage; bearing; attitude or frame of mind; the way things stand.  How you  carry yourself on the inside, becomes clearly visible on the outside.

You can have very different spiritual, mental and emotional postures and they will greatly affect the quality of your relationships, decisions and life.  

Spiritually you may believe you are in control of your life and that everything depends on you – essentially that you are your own ‘god.’ That particular spiritual posture will color the way you approach people and decisions and how you perceive and deal with circumstances and problems as well.  If, however, you have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and look to Him for direction and wisdom, your experience will be very different.

If your mental posture is negative – always expecting something bad to happen, thinking the worst consistently, seeing the glass always half empty – then it will affect your entire demeanor as well as all your relationships.  It will also cause physical stress in your body because those negative thoughts cause release of specific chemicals in your body.

If your emotional posture is one of anger, guilt, shame, defeat or fear instead of faith, love, joy and peace, life will be a constant battle for you.  You can’t physically look in a mirror and “see” your spiritual, mental or emotional postures.  They are interior, but they are clearly visible to everyone around you.  They not only affect your physical posture, but the words of your mouth are a dead give-away.

Pay attention to what you say on a daily basis for the next week.  Keep track and then honestly assess what you find.  Where do you stand on the inside?  Does it match your physical posture?  If it doesn’t, start standing up straight on the inside!

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2 Responses to Check Your Posture

  1. Matt says:

    Great post! I definitely have to work on keeping my posture consistent.

  2. Ann,

    Very neat — to look at other kinds of posture. It’s so true that we need to watch what we say — what we say is what will be in the future.

    Have a Victorious Day!

    Marianne Clements

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