Your Body Can Tell the Difference

I am always talking about the importance of the quality of the food we eat.  The foundation of my 3D Living Program and Today’s the Day Plan is to focus your diet around the best quality, fresh, whole, nutrient-dense foods in a form as close to how God created them as possible.

I’ve had people tell me they were trying one diet or another and they were so excited to have “snacks” like frozen whipped topping to replace higher calorie ice cream. (For me, mere calories are not the critical factor!)  Or they use drinks like Gatorade after working out or an “energy” drink in the afternoon.  When I suggest there are better alternatives, invariably I hear that they are too expensive or they just don’t believe there’s any difference.  Food is food, right?

Well, I ran across this video and it’s a startling illustration of the difference between real food and some of the fake foods out there.  You may not think there is a difference, but your body, which was intelligently created by God Himself, knows the difference!  Your body recognizes real foods and knows how to nourish you with them.  When you eat or drink things that contain chemicals and additives, your body treats them like the toxins they are.

So, I’m asking you – can you tell the difference in how you feel when you nourish yourself with real foods as opposed to foods loaded with additives and chemicals?


About amusico

I am a holistic health coach and independent nutritional consultant. All my coaching plans are based on my 3-D Living program and a big part of that are the Youngevity Products and Supplements I proudly offer! Visit my website at and learn more about the products and my coaching plans!
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14 Responses to Your Body Can Tell the Difference

  1. onthewayhome says:

    Great post; I usually feel sluggish after those “fake foods” than when I eat “real food.”

  2. Wow, amazing stuff… I never would have known or thought to think that about Gatorade, but it makes perfect sense! And the Ramen noodles are definitely a no-go for me… But Gatorade? Well, thank goodness for alternatives, and thank you so much for this information.

  3. Michael says:

    Ann, I grew up working in my dad’s general store, so we ate way more than our share of candy, cokes, chips, etc…all the junk food, so I know firsthand the effect, yet I still find myself cycling between eating “clean” for several months, then yielding to chips, pizza and ice cream for a period. During those times I just feel BAD, sluggish, less energy, so you’d think I’d learn my lesson! I’m doing better as the years roll along though!

    • amusico says:

      Michael I think all of us who grew up during a certain time had our share of Twinkies and other junk food goodies on a daily basis! Studies show that junk food hits the same brain receptors as heroin!! Yikes – no wonder it’s hard to break the habit.

  4. Ann, with a lot of things to work on in my life, the Gatorade thing you mentioned knocked me for a loop. Being an athlete for 15 years I have lived on that stuff and now I know I better get back to the water. Thanks for clearing my vision. Blessings, @missioncoach

  5. Ann,

    Very interesting! Obviously, if our bodies can’t digest “fake” foods then we certainly can’t get any nutrients from it.

    Have a Victorious Day!
    Marianne Clements

  6. Claudia Good says:

    Yup, can totally tell the difference!!
    Ever since I had a really bad case of mono I changed how I eat dramatically and I can’t go back now. When I eat junk food my body definitely lets me know!

  7. DesignerCam says:

    Great video. I finally had the chance to watch it.

    A few years ago, I composed a ‘diet’ for myself from a list of foods we should eat every day. It included things like oatmeal, beans, blueberries, and almonds to name a few.

    I don’t remember what took me off the diet, but while I was on it, I felt so much more vibrant, alive, and energetic than afterwords. So to answer your question, yes, my body can tell the difference. (Although most people don’t have enough healthy food to make an accurate comparison).

    Thanks for a great post!

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