Is Lowering Cholesterol Really the Key?

I have worked with numerous clients and with my own husband about whether taking statins and trying to lower cholesterol is really the best way to keep your heart healthy.  For now, let’s not even talk about the well-documented, serious, negative side effects of statins.  Let’s just consider whether cholesterol itself is really the problem.

People who know me know that I approach things from a natural perspective as much as possible – so pharmaceutical drugs are the last resort in my mind.  I also look from a scriptural perspective.  I have had people tell me they had their appendix or gall bladder removed and doctors told them it was no problem because there is no reason for them to be in the body in the first place.  REALLY???

I don’t know about you, but I know God created our bodies and they are amazing in their complexity and function.  I don’t believe He just put certain organs in there to take up space!  There is a role and function for everything He put into our bodies – and that includes cholesterol, which our bodies produce.

There is an excellent article I read that sparked this post.  A well-respected cardiologist states that inflammation in the walls of arteries is the true cause of heart disease, and that this is caused by the low fat diet that conventional medicine has been pushing for years.  The long and short of it is that inflammation causes your body to speed cholesterol like a band-aid to the damaged areas in the artery.  If we reduce inflammation, there would be no placque buildup in vessels resulting in blockages and heart disease.

So instead of worrying about lowering your cholesterol, look at ways to lower inflammation and eat a balanced, whole food diet that includes healthy fats – they are not the enemy!

Are you focusing on the wrong thing in order to avoid heart disease?

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13 Responses to Is Lowering Cholesterol Really the Key?

  1. Matt Musico says:

    If only everyone thought like this!

  2. Ann, counter cultural thinking is normally the best. Great post.

  3. DesignerCam says:

    Slightly off the main topic, but I have had my appendix removed — and I have heard that there ‘isn’t a reason for us having it’. However, I have learned otherwise.

    I recently learned that the appendix (at the connection between the small and large intestines) is located in the perfect spot to be a ‘home’ for different digestive bacteria samples. Healthy forms of bacteria live in our intestines and help our body digest — however different bacteria is needed to break down different foods. The appendix stores samples of this bacteria in case we don’t eat certain foods often enough for it to survive in the intestines themselves.

    I have no idea on the validity of this understanding, but it definitely makes the case that I (not having my appendix anymore) would have a bigger challenge trying out new foods or drastically changing my dietary habits because my body wouldn’t be able to adjust as quickly to pull nutrients out of the foods. I doubt I would get sick, but I just wouldn’t be able to digest as well and would miss out on all the nutrients available.

    An interesting thought, and while it isn’t entirely “on topic”, it makes the case for our Creator having a purpose for everything our bodies were created to do. 🙂


  4. Ann,

    I totally agree that all of our organs serve a purpose and we should not use surgery or medicine, except as last resort.

    Many years ago I had a cholesterol level of about 285 and I refused to take medication. I’ve never been overweight, so losing weight wasn’t the answer. At the time, I was exercising regularly (running about 9 miles/week) and eating fairly healthy. So, what was causing my high cholesterol? Most doctors would have said it’s just genetics and the only way to lower it would be through medication.

    My cholesterol is now normal even though I’ve probably gained a few pounds and exercise less. My eating habits haven’t changed dramatically either. Honestly, I believe that it had to be a spiritual issue. Now that I have a personal relationship with God through Jesus, my body is healthier because I’m feeding myself the right spiritual foods.

    So, if you have a physical problem and there’s no obvious physical reason for it, then examine your spiritual life.

    Have a Victorious Day!
    Marianne Clements

    • amusico says:

      I love that Marianne! You are absolutely right – I can say that I totally agree and from personal experience as well. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  5. Ann, are there any tests or markers that measure inflammation in the body?

    I think most illness are a result of such inflammation. The movie Forks Over Knives (while they didn’t advocate dairy at all) made the point that low fat milk was bad for the body as it actually robbed calcium from the bones, which high fat milk did not. And that is one of the main reasons people drink milk, for the calcium!

    • amusico says:

      Exactly Michael. Inflammation is the root of disease, including heart disease. Yes, you can have your C-Reactive protein level tested when you have blood work. The level of CRP rises when there is inflammation throughout the body. However, ANY inflammation will cause it to rise – if you have gingivitis, or something like that it will still show up there although it doesn’t say where the inflammation is. It’s a valuable marker though.

  6. This is great! That is amazing that what we may think is serving our bodies turns out to be the cause of many problems. And I am Wow’d that a doctor would say we don’t need our Appendix or Gall Bladders… What else will they say we don’t need later on; our hearts?

    • amusico says:

      More likely our brains, my friend!

    • DesignerCam says:

      The two main ‘leftovers’ that are unknown are the tonsils and the appendix. For a long time, doctors (including many doctors today), don’t know why we have these in our body.

      My mom is a nurse and she’s up on most things medical. 🙂

      Still a funny premiss. My vote for the next unneeded item — the stomach (afterall, it is what tells us our body to stop eating (we’re full), and that doesn’t bode well for food sales.) 🙂


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