It’s NOT the Fat!

For years we have been told to cut the fat to avoid heart disease and that fat raised cholesterol and triglycerides.  Well a new study in the journal Circulation found that men (but I would imagine it’s true for women as well) who drank one 12 oz. sugary drink a day increased their risk of heart disease by 20%.

The tested the participants for C-reactive protein levels (inflammation), triglycerides and HDL cholesterol (the “good” cholesterol).  The findings showed men who daily drank a sugary drink had higher triglyceride and CRP levels, as well as lower HDL levels, compared to non-sugar beverage drinkers.

While the American Heart Association recommends no more than about 150 calories for men and 100 for women every day to come from sugary drinks, my suggestion is to avoid them completely.  That includes soda, fruit juices, energy drinks, sweet tea.  Sugar is the problem here – sugar raises the unhealthy fats in the blood like LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.  Including healthy fats will improve those levels.  Could this be why our country went “fat free” and we’ve become fatter and diabetes and heart disease are epidemic?  And please do not think artificial sweeteners are the answer – they have serious dangers of their own.

How many sugary drinks do you consume a day?


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16 Responses to It’s NOT the Fat!

  1. Cindy Hirch says:

    Ann – I don’t drink anything sugary. Even my ice tea is flavored by lemon only. I’ve also never been inclined to get on the “fat free” craze. What they take out in fat they substitute by adding sugar. For cooking I’ve also switched from using butter to using coconut oil. Although both products have a high saturated fat content, the increased benefits for cholesterol in using the coconut oil is amazing.

  2. Matt Musico says:


  3. delainrj7 says:

    Great post. Is it okay of I share this link in one of my patient newsletters?

  4. Ann – I have been and am guilty of this but you have highlighted and made this real for me thanks. Blessings, @missioncoach

  5. Claudia Good says:

    I/we used to eat/drink a lot of food with sugar in it. Since we drastically changed our diet about 3-4 years ago… I feel great. Now, sugar can make me feel sick.

    Have you read the Nourishing Traditions cookbook? If not, I think you would enjoy it 🙂

  6. Ann,

    I drink coffee with Stevia and sugary “creamer”. I’ve tried using other real cream or milk substitutes, but it just isn’t the same. The good news is that my triglycerides are very low and my LDL/HDL ratio is good as well.

    Have a Victorious Day!

  7. fatherofonewebsite says:

    I’m not a fan of sugary drinks, however I have been guilty in the past of drinking my fair share of diet colas. Both my wife and I have just been drinking water or unsweetened almond milk for drinks for awhile now. Occasionally I will pick up a diet cola, but it’s a rarity. I’ve read studies that showed drinking diet drinks actually makes a person gain weight, which is kinda funny…guess you can’t fool the body God made.

  8. Cam says:

    Great post Ann.
    I use to drink lots of Root Beer, but have recently cut it out of my drinking diet. My current drinks of choice are fresh apple juice, fresh orange juice (with pulp) :), and good old fashioned water.

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