3 Surprising Keys to Living Long and Healthy

If someone asked you what they should do to live a long, healthy life, what would you share?  Eat right.  Exercise.  Get enough sleep.  Take vitamins.  Get married.  Get a pet.  Laugh often.

Obviously none of those things in themselves are bad.  However, those are not the “keys.”  In fact, the “get married” key only prolongs men’s lives – it actually shortens women’s!  (Although I suppose in both instances it greatly depends on who you’ve chosen.)

I get numerous newsletters written by various health experts and doctors because I love learning new things about health.  In a recent newsletter written by Dr. Bruce West, he posed this question and used Proverbs 24:30-34 a reference for his response.

Dr. West said he feels the main keys to living a long and healthy life are:

Conscientiousness, productivity and taking responsibility for yourself.  As I thought about this it made more and more sense and coupled with a powerful teaching I am listening to on CD – it is very scriptural.

Dr. West said he considers conscientiousness to simply mean doing what you say you are going to do; productivity is the art of accomplishing things, which leads to high morale – the opposite of lack of self-worth; and taking responsibility for yourself – well, pretty much is self-explanatory.

So my question to you is:  What do you think are some keys to living a truly healthy, long life?


About amusico

I am a holistic health coach and independent nutritional consultant. All my coaching plans are based on my 3-D Living program and a big part of that are the Youngevity Products and Supplements I proudly offer! Visit my website at http://www.threedimensionalvitality.com and learn more about the products and my coaching plans!
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6 Responses to 3 Surprising Keys to Living Long and Healthy

  1. Matt Musico says:

    Definitely being productive; it helps you feel like you have a purpose for sticking around!

  2. Cam says:

    This is an awesome ‘three keys’.

    Conscientiousness helps ease our minds because we less torn with obligations and it helps us stay balanced by saying no in our lives.

    Productivity gives our lives purpose and meaning and we have a continued reason to live. A mind that is interested in living will live longer.

    Taking responsibility is key for living out forgiveness and eliminating bitterness from our hearts. We are able to live a more light-hearted life when we take responsibility for where we are at in our lives.

    To add to the list, I would say forgiveness (tied to responsibility), purpose (tied to productivity), and healthy boundaries (tied to conscientiousness)

    Great post!

  3. fatherofonewebsite says:

    I think it was Pat Boone that said having a Clean Conscience was his key to healthy and long living. I think he’s right. Not hiding things and being one’s true authentic self leads to less stress and anxiety, etc. I think Laughing alot helps too!

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