Our Toxic Food Supply

I read about a research study that reported on the contamination of 46 different food items that were purchased from a Dallas grocery store. The researchers were trying to determine whether samples of different foods were contaminated with flame retardants that are made with bromine. They sampled deli meats, peanut butter and fish.

The alarming results revealed that 50% (!) of the foods tested positive, including the peanut butter! Why is bromine such a problem, other than the fact that it is used to make flame retardants? Bromine is a toxic substance in the halide family, which includes iodine, chlorine and fluoride. Halides compete with each other for receptors in the body and bromine can replace the iodine in your body and cause thyroid problems as well as breast and prostate problems since those organs are supposed to accumulate iodine, not bromine.  You can hear Dr. Carolyn talk about this on this podcast we did for Real Good Health.

Because we are being continually exposed to bromine in clothing, furniture, computers and now foods, we must be intentional about maintaining optimal iodine levels. In my opinion it also highlights the importance of considering the purity of the foods you eat and choose to feed your family.

It is very important to limit your exposure to bromine by avoiding  Gatorade, Mountain Dew, breads made from brominated flour and vegetable oil, certain deli meats and peanut butters. Also, including a high quality, natural, unprocessed sea salt will help your body eliminate bromine.

Are you confident that your foods are not contaminated?



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10 Responses to Our Toxic Food Supply

  1. Ann,

    I’m NOT confident that my foods are not contaminated. There are so many ways we can be contaminated it’s overwhelming. I’ve realized how much I am contributing to contamination, especially our water supply. I now know not to put old pills down the drain. I now know that every chemical I put on my lawn has the potential to wind up in my water. I could go on and on, but I really think the average American is clueless.

    Have a Victorious Day!

  2. Cindy Hirch says:

    It’s scary to think about our food supply today. I truly do not believe it is safe. There are so many products that are GMO, things we are not even aware of.

  3. Wow! This is something else… So can I look out for this, or is it hidden? Is Bromine on the food labels

  4. Yes, Ann – but what if I catch fire?? Won’t the bromine make my body flame-retardant? LOL.
    WOW – I learn so much from reading your posts! I have you to thank for the sea salt (which I use daily now) and now have another threatening ingredient to be on the lookout for. My daughter enjoys Gatorade unfortunately, but I try to use Coconut water as much as possible (expensive!). Sounds like I need to wean her down to good, old-fashioned water!

    • amusico says:

      I know it’s difficult – my younger son loved Gatorade when he was younger too – but he’s gotten out of it as I’ve learned more. And I’m sure you won’t catch fire lol!!

  5. Cam says:

    While I’m not 100% confident that my foods are not contaminated, from the list you shared, I can say that I avoid almost everything on it — its easier when my wife has a peanut allergy and so we don’t have any in the house.

    With how tainted foods are getting, it almost seems that in addition to avoiding the things we can, we should do what we can to intentionally eat foods that will help “clean us out”. 🙂
    Thanks for the suggestion of the unprocessed sea salt. I’ll have to look at my shelf to see if the sea salt we have makes the grade. 🙂

    As always, thanks for sharing!

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