Music Therapy

As a Biblical health coach I address a person’s spirit, soul and body regardless of the health problem. I have become familiar with some really unique and interesting therapies that I’ll definitely be sharing more about in upcoming posts, but today I wanted to share this article from Natural News about music therapy for emotional healing.

I think we can all relate to how specific music can immediately transport us to another time and place. I can hear “Truly” by Lionel Richie and my husband and I are dancing our first dance together at our wedding. I hear “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly and I immediately think of my son, Matthew, because those lyrics had great meaning for him.

This article talks specifically about how music therapy is being used particularly for young people between the ages of 15 and 25. Unfortunately the rate of suicide and mental health problems seems to peak within that age range. I certainly see how music could be a very effective therapy. Typically, music is a big part of all our lives and especially at those ages.

I know for myself, I have several specific CDs that are very calming and uplifting when I feel frustrated or overwhelmed.  I mention research in an article I wrote several years ago which shows music actually by-passes the conscious mind, directly stimulating the portion of the brain that controls emotions.

What about you – do you find specific music to be therapeutic in your life?

About amusico

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10 Responses to Music Therapy

  1. Matt Musico says:

    Absolutely. When I want to focus on something, I will turn on music, but a genre with little or no lyrics to help me stay focused.

    • amusico says:

      That makes great sense! Just listening to the CD you made me, especially the theme from Rocky and I Believe I Can Fly get me pumped up and ready to go!

  2. Ann,

    Thanks for sharing this amazing natural anti-depressant.

    The scripture you shared in your article from a few years back is the one that came to my mind — 1 Samuel 16:23 ‘Whenever the spirit from God came upon Saul, David would take his harp and play. Then relief would come to Saul; he would feel better and the evil spirit would leave him.’

    One time during a time of great distress, God told me to sing. I am not a singer so this “thought” was definitely not from me. I asked God to confirm that it was Him speaking to me and he gave me Isaiah 54. The first word of Isaiah 54 is SING!!!! God is so good! So, indeed music and singing is good for our spirit.

    Have a Victorious Day!

  3. Claudia Good says:

    Beautiful and I know without a doubt true! I have always said music speaks to a place in our hearts that no words ever could. I have had times in my life where music was the only thing which touched my heart. It wasn’t confusing and people didn’t argue about it like they do about God. Those were days when I was angry with God and life… but music… ahhhh God brought healing through music and it would soften my heart to hear what I needed to hear.

    Thanks for this reminder!

  4. You know I love music but I rarely use it other than listening to songs occasionally as I am driving. I Know teachers who use it very effectively with students but I’ve not tried this. Very informative article.

  5. I go to different types of music for different needs. There are times when classical fits the bill and I need to relax or get focused. Sometimes worship is necessary. Or when working out, nothing like some good upbeat tunes to keep you motivated. Sometimes the blues are what my soul needs to validate what I’m feeling. My wife uses music often to “drown’ out the physical pain she experiences at times. Thanks for the post here.

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