Eight Simple Rules for Vibrant Health

Rules for HealthThis article from Dr. Jonny Bowden got me to thinking about what my top 8 recommendations for health would be. I agree with most of what the World Cancer Research Fund and American Institute for Cancer Research shared as well as what Dr. Bowden said, although he listed more than eight. I’ll do my best to stick to my top eight – see what you think:


Eat Real Food


Get back to basics – eat one-ingredient foods – you know the ones that are in a form as close to how God created them, vegetables, fruit, beef, chicken, beans, eggs – you get the picture. And choose the freshest, highest quality food available that you can afford.


Keep it Moving


Build some type of intentional activity into every day. Your body was meant to move otherwise you wouldn’t have 650 muscles! By simply doing these first two you will find your weight management issues become much easier.


Keep it Clean


Detox periodically. No matter how clean you eat, we are bombarded with toxins from every corner! And not just in the food, water and air – toxic thoughts, relationships, emotions and beliefs are just as destructive to your physical health as


Say Goodbye to These


Sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, additives, high fructose corn syrup and it’s derivatives, wheat, refined white flour/sugar foods and table salt. I don’t need to say anything else – right?


Address Spirit and Soul


For me this includes nurturing a relationship with God through prayer, worship and Bible study. Become aware of faulty beliefs – they can kill you, literally! Pay attention to your self-talk, after 6-10 seconds thoughts begin releasing chemicals that affect your body. Deal with your emotions honestly. Repressed emotions always come out sometime – and usually at the worst possible time and in the worst possible way.


Put People First


Nurture your relationships – family, friends, co-workers, pets! Be lavish in sharing your love and affection – it not only makes life worth living, you will live longer!


Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude


Thankful people are not only happier they are healthier overall. Gratitude activates your parasympathetic system which is the repair and restore system.


Smile, Laugh and Breathe


Ok, maybe it’s “cheating” to put these 3 together but you have to admit they do kind of go together. Especially when you least feel like it, smile. It will actually release happiness chemicals! Find something to laugh about every day, even, and maybe especially, at yourself! It’s said children laugh several hundred times a day and adults less than 20. Whether true or false – you get the picture. We get too serious as we grow up. And remember to stop and take a few deep breaths periodically. It’s refreshing, relaxing and detoxifying. And oxygen is the one nutrient you can only go a few minutes without!


That’s my list. What are your most important health recommendations?

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About amusico

I am a holistic health coach and independent nutritional consultant. All my coaching plans are based on my 3-D Living program and a big part of that are the Youngevity Products and Supplements I proudly offer! Visit my website at http://www.threedimensionalvitality.com and learn more about the products and my coaching plans!
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10 Responses to Eight Simple Rules for Vibrant Health

  1. Ann,

    Those are a great 8 and I can’t think of anything to add. We all know the eat right and exercise, but I’m glad you added the others — spirit and soul. People don’t realize how much our spirtual health affects our physical health.

    Have a Victorious Day!

  2. Cam says:

    Hi Ann,
    All eight are excellent items, and I have a number 9 to add: We must be mindful of the music we listen to — specifically the style of music and not necessarily the lyrics or genre.

    I am still in the research phase of this, but this youtube video ( http://youtu.be/tAvzsjcBtx8 ) is one example of what I am learning. (While this youtube video is about words and thoughts mainly, I am digging into similar research relating to music styles). It is very interesting.


    • amusico says:

      ABSOLUTELY!!! I have been sharing Dr. Emoto’s research for years now – I find it fascinating and very startling! It’s amazing what the effect of words, spoken, written or sung, have on us!! We must be aware. Thanks for sharing the video here Cam. We are definitely on the same page here.

    • interesting video, Cam! Our words are more powerful than we realize.

  3. To even broaden Cam’s remark, I want to add being mindful of what you watch on television, or read. Too many people get a doze of daily news that is extremely negative.

    • amusico says:

      Michael – very true! I do not watch the news. If there’s something urgent I need to know, I always seem to get the info! I find it very disturbing to my sense of peace so I have chosen to eliminate it – as well as violent or scary shows/movies. Never liked them and I refuse to feed my mind on them. Thanks for the comment!

    • Cam says:

      Agreed. Thanks for expanding.

  4. I think Eating Real Food is tops – I think when you do that, by default you feel better, which makes you more enjoyable, happy, wanting to do things, etc.

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