Guest Post: Summer Hair Care Tips

By: Darlene Alexander

lizTaking advantage of implementing these summer hair care tips for your hair is essential especially if you are spending much of your time in the outdoors. The summer moisture as well as the sun can cause damage to your hair. You want to promote healthy hair even when in the outdoors, as well as keep your hair protected from the summer heat and sun.

Below are the summer hair care tips for healthy, protected hair 

Wear a scarf or hat- Wear some protective headwear when roaming the outdoors. Make sure that the headwear you have on isn’t too tight that it cuts off circulation of your scalp

Wash hair when appropriate- Only wash hair after you go swimming (in the pool), play in the sand at the beach, or do any intense physical activities that cause your scalp to sweat. Use shampoos that don’t contain any alcohol. This is the season you should shampoo your hair less often, and use gentle cleansing hair products. When rinsing hair, use cool or warm water. 

Condition hair- This is one of the more important of the summer hair care tips in this article, and one that’ll be mostly used. Apply conditioner or hair creme into your hair that provides some element of protection again sun damage. Apply conditioner depending on the hair type you have. For example, for thick, coarse hair, use a leave in conditioner and apply from the roots to the ends of hair, using a wide tooth comb to work the conditioner throughout. Condition your hair before you head outside

Stay from the heat when necessary- Avoid taking hot showers, and use heat based products like blow dryers or flat irons sparingly. If you need to use these hairstyling tools, use low heat and use for shorter periods of time than normal. And use hair products that provide protection to hair from heat based tools.

Go natural- Instead of focusing on the chemical based treatments like relaxers, bleach and hair coloring, it’s best to let hair go natural. This is the time to go for conditioner only washes, and allow your hair to absorb natural oils.

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  1. Great tips here. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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