Don’t You Want the Freedom to Choose?

Vitamin supplementsI read two excellent articles about misinformation that is being spread about the “dangers” of natural supplements. Let’s be honest – anything can be “dangerous” if misused. But to focus on supplements when every other commercial on TV pushes a new drug, including a laundry list of possible negative side effects is beyond bizarre to me.

In his article, Dr. Bowden effectively dismantled the argument that people should stop taking their vitamins. You can read it here so I won’t go into detail except to share these statistics he listed:

He shared from a new American Association of Poison Control Centers report:

  • zero deaths from multiple vitamins

  • zero deaths from any of the B vitamins

  • zero deaths from vitamins A, C, D, or E

  • zero deaths from any other vitamin

Contrast that with…

  • 59 confirmed deaths from aspirin poisoning

  • 147 deaths linked to acetaminophen products

  • approximately 100,000 yearly deaths from adverse reactions to prescription drugs

Those statistics pretty much say it all.

In Dr. Mercola’s newsletter today he spoke about this as well as a campaign meant to take away our right to purchase and use natural supplements. I don’t know about you – but I don’t need anyone thinking for me. I can do that myself. And I prefer to make my own health decisions. His article provides a link to send an email to your elected representatives urging them not to pass Senator Durbin’s unfair supplement bill. It failed the last time because concerned citizens made their voices heard and I believe it can again. I encourage you to take a minute and let your voice be heard.

Were you aware of these statistics and will you stand up for your right to choose supplements over prescription drugs?

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10 Responses to Don’t You Want the Freedom to Choose?

  1. Matt Musico says:

    You’re absolutely right; this statistics speak for themselves!

  2. Ann, thanks for this information!

  3. This is a travesty when prescription drugs kill people everyday. The depleted condition of our soil, pesticides, genetically modified foods, mass produced food, and the poor state of the Western diet make it virtually impossible for us to get all of the nutrients we need from diet alone and yet so many doctors are still counseling patients that it is futile and even dangerous to take vitamin supplements. By the way, I the Dr. Bowden’s article on facebook and am going to share your newsletter as well.

  4. Wow Ann – very interesting stats. I agree that there is so much information available that people don’t know how to make informed decisions. Furthermore, with so many “experts” being biased due to love of money, it’s hard to believe anything they say. Thank God for wisdom that helps me make good choices for MY body.

    Have a Victorious Day!

  5. I heard a Walgreen’s customer asking our pharmacist recently “if the particular prescription would kill them” – he replied that even Water would kill them if they drank too much! (Drowning!). Great statistics and so true. My wife and I talk about how scary it is that folks are driving around on the highways and no telling what kind of meds they are on. Seems like everybody is on some kind of prescription these days. I will opt for the preventative supplements any day over the prescription “Fix”.

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