Stress and Health – Is It Something New?

Anti depressantsThere’s scientific research that proves that stress affects just about every body system and is at the root of every disease. In fact studies prove thatup to 90% of the doctor visits in the United States may be caused by a stress-related illness! Ninety percent! It really isn’t very hard to believe.


We live in stressful times but is that why? If we go back to the Source, we find that God explained why this is so damaging to our overall health, not just our spiritual health. Proverbs 4:23 cautions us to guard our hearts because our very lives flow from there. Well, Proverbs 12:25 says anxiety (or stress) in the heart weighs it down or overwhelms it and Proverbs 17:22 says a broken spirit dries up the bones. So what does that mean for physical health? More than we may realize.


We are speaking, eternal spirits, who have a soul (mind, will, emotions) and we live in a physical body. So our life begins and is housed in our spirit. I am not a Bible scholar, but see if this makes sense to you.

Your heart and spirit are interchangeable here because the physical heart is the “organ” of the spirit – and your heart/spirit knows your soul’s hurts and bitterness (Pr. 14:10). I learned from a study in Rediscovery of the Heart that in the Hebrew, anxiety means negative passion, anxious, fearful, tormenting, tension, stress. When the heart or spirit is crushed or broken by sorrow, wounds and pain, it takes the moisture out of the bones, literally!


Well, how does that impact overall health beyond osteoporosis? The life of the soul (mind-will-emotions) originates in the spirit. If your spirit is broken it can’t give life to your soul. The life of the soul is in your blood and of course so is your physical life. Where does blood come from? It is manufactured in the marrow of your bones. So if pain (envy, jealousy, fear of loss) in your heart crushes your spirit, it cannot provide life to your soul and your bones begin to dry up. Dried up bones can’t produce healthy blood and so your overall health is impacted and it all starts with stress. There’s so much more to this – but that’s it in a nutshell.


Stress is a heart issue and real health and healing can only be found in the spirit realm first.


What do you think about this?

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6 Responses to Stress and Health – Is It Something New?

  1. Rob Clinton says:

    That is amazing! When you bring to light things such as ‘sorrow’ taking moisture out of the bones, that’s enough to help me see the reality of what stress can do, not just in time, but fairly quickly.. Wow Ann… Thanks for sharing!

    • amusico says:

      I’m glad you saw it as I did, Rob. I actually experienced it myself to a degree so it really hits home with me!

      On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 1:09 PM, 3-D Vitality

  2. Ann,

    You must have been listening to Joseph Prince this morning. If not, definitely check out his sermon from today. He had some very interesting tidbits about Type A personalities and stress.

    Thanks for sharing this — it’s something people need to hear. Just a bit more on this — Blood is life, so where there is no blood there is death. Dry bones literally means death because there is no blood. Most of the time when you see dry in the Bible it means death. For example, the evil spirits go to the dry places (another reason to not want dry bones!). When you see water or blood, you will see life.

    Have a Victorious Day!

  3. Stress really is how we view our world and as a Christian I am ashamed at how often I get “down in the dumps” – when I know the outcome is Victory. I guess it is part of the tension we live in with this world, but I find a simple trip to the lake at the state park with my Kayak in the water, just me and God, it reframes things. I am realizing lately alot of my stress in my life is simply my wanting to be in control of everything and that simply isn’t possible. Thanks for the wonderful reminder, Ann!

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