More Reasons for Keeping it Real

Nutrient Dense FoodsAre processed foods REALLY food? In my opinion, the answer is no. Since food is the fuel we run our bodies on, then choosing the highest quality, as well as the specific foods that work best with our unique metabolic type, is critically important for overall health. If your car is supposed to use diesel fuel and you put regular unleaded gas in it – how long before you begin having problems? Not long at all!


You would never do that because you are careful to keep your car running well. You made a financial investment and don’t want to waste it. But do you even think twice about eating some packaged, fake food-like product when you find yourself hungry and unprepared with a healthy alternative? For most, the answer is no. And your body is so much more valuable than a car that you will likely trade in for the newer model before long. But do you really know why processed foods are so bad for you?


This article on Dr. Mercola’s site listed 10 reasons the processed food industry doesn’t want you to know and it is eye-opening to say the least! I’ve mentioned before that processed foods are addictive and that is the #1 reason on his list. Because of the fact that they aren’t real food, but concoctions of chemically altered “foods” they wreak havoc with your digestion and brain. The thing that upsets me most is that children are eating these foods all the time. Their bodies are growing and need real nutrition and instead they are feeding on chemicals.


Believe it or not, these foods cause obesity and yet those obese people can and most times are actually malnourished! It seems crazy but it is absolutely true. I’ve said it over and over – you can fill your belly, expand your waistline and still be starving yourself at the cellular level – where it really matters.


Do you make an intentional decision to feed yourself and your family real food?


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About amusico

I am a holistic health coach and independent nutritional consultant. All my coaching plans are based on my 3-D Living program and a big part of that are the Youngevity Products and Supplements I proudly offer! Visit my website at and learn more about the products and my coaching plans!
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6 Responses to More Reasons for Keeping it Real

  1. You are hitting me hard with this truth Ann! Totally agree with what you are writing, but still lapsing into eating foods that are not healthy. Thanks for the continual reminder. The analogy of the car running on the wrong type of gas is a good word picture!

    • amusico says:

      Thanks Michael. And making changes like these is definitely a process that takes some time. So don’t be too hard on yourself – just keep moving forward.

      On Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 4:06 PM, 3-D Vitality

  2. Ann,

    That’s a great analogy.

    Have a Victorious Day!


  3. I really strive too, Ann. Because my ladies are picky, we end up buying more packaged type food that I’d like. And I certainly agree on them being addictive! It can be so easy to inhale a bag chips and want more food than to eat an apple an be satiated. Recently, our veterinarian was telling us that some pet food companies have put an additive in the dog food/treat that made it appear to have a higher protein level that it actually had! He said it was causing a lot of liver and kidney issues in dogs and cats.

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