Is it REALLY a “Disease?”

diseaseThere seem to be new “diseases” being discovered just about every day! And things we never considered “diseases” are now being classified as such. But are these truly diseases?

Let’s talk about type 2 diabetes.  Is that truly a “disease?”  Maybe we need a definition of disease first.  A disease is defined as “a condition caused by an invading microbiological agent.”  That refers to something you can catch from a microbe.   You cannot “catch” diabetes.  Instead, I say type 2 diabetes is a “disorder” of nutrition that results from our behavior and habits.  To consider it a disease is to excuse personal responsibility to make lifestyle changes.

 The definition of “disorder” is to disturb the normal physical or mental health of; to throw into confusion or disarray; a lack of order or regular arrangement; confusion.  When you choose certain behavior and habits you create disorder that disturbs your normal physical health.

The same can be said of other conditions that are considered and treated as if they are “diseases” like osteoporosis, menopause, high cholesterol and even cancer!  Think about this with me – drug companies want you to believe you catch or get a disease, the doctor then diagnoses it and prescribes a drug that you can take.  It’s a matter of reversing cause and effect.  For example, when you are tested and diagnosed with weak or brittle bones, you are told you “have” osteoporosis.  But osteoporosis isn’t the name of a disease that causes weak bones, it’s the diagnosis of a set of symptoms.  You already had weak bones; the doctor diagnosed it and then it was named osteoporosis.

We need to get past thinking we are simply victims of our DNA and family history and realize we make choices day in and day out that result in either better health, or symptoms that will end up being diagnosed and treated with drugs.

I love and completely agree with something Dr. Richard Schulze says about how to get healthy: “Getting well is easy.  All you have to do is stop doing what is making you sick and killing you.  Start doing what will heal you and create powerful health. Tomorrow is what you believe and do today.”

I personally believe that our health is MUCH more a matter of choices and habits than it is genetics.

Unfortunately we focus on treating and managing symptoms instead of getting to the root cause of the problem and correcting that.  The symptom is not the cause – by it’s definition, a symptom is “a characteristic sign or indication of the existence of something else.”   Think of it this way – the symptom is the “fruit” and in order to improve it you have to deal with the “root.” Just like a headache is not a “Motrin” deficiency, other symptoms are not the disease itself, merely a sign that something is out of balance.

If you’ve confused symptoms with diseases, do you see it differently now? If not, why not?

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9 Responses to Is it REALLY a “Disease?”

  1. Ann, once again I am enriched in the reading! I agree wholeheartedly that “our health is MUCH more a matter of choices and habits than it is genetics.” Gracious is God to have created us this way! It seems the pharmaceutical companies would prefer us to confuse symptoms with diseases, but we are far healthier and happier when we choose to make good choices. Creating life by choice is a matter of choice! Your posts empower us to do exactly this! God bless you abundantly, cherished friend, as you live three-dimensionally for Him!

  2. heartnsoulhealthcoach says:

    Good article Ann. It certainly does not help the situation when we have authoritative figure(s) agreeing that certain conditions are a disease. You may remember in my newsletter last month I wrote about how the American Medical Association declared obesity a disease. I have to believe this will only hinder personal accountability for one’s health. In addition, this fast-paced world we live in today only makes matters worse as folks are just not taking the time to take care of themselves. It is quicker (and less work) to take prescription medication and treat the symptom than actually go after the root cause.

  3. Ann,
    This is great!!! Did you know that they want to make obesity a disease? As you know most of these decisions are money-motivated. They want to make it a disease because then the insurance companies will have to cover it which means more people will go to the doctor to have them prescribe some kind of pill to manage the symptoms.

    I totally agree with you that we need to take responsibility and stop doing the things that are making us sick! Thanks for being bold enough to post this.

    Have a Victorious Day!

  4. GREAT article, Ann. Very empowering to realize that we really can take better control of our health. Good insights here! Thanks

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