Let Food Be Your Medicine

3 macronutrientsYou may recognize that as a quotation attributed to Hippocrates.  I happen to think he had the right idea! By choosing the highest quality foods and keeping your body strong and well-nourished, you can avoid many (or all) of the nasty germs and viruses we are surrounded and bombarded with daily!

Especially at this time of year which is cold and flu season.  This article talks about some of the author’s favorite super foods to boost your immune system.  I agree with all his choices. One way I specifically include the garlic, which I mention in my Natural First Aid Kit e-book, is to make it into a virus killing condiment! I learned the recipe from Dr. Richard Schulze and have used it for years! I also share my favorite chicken soup recipe. It is powerful medicine if you do come down with a nasty bug, but you can also enjoy it while you are healthy in order to stay that way!

This article shares some natural flu home remedies. There are some exceptional supplements that really boost your immune system and can even short-circuit the bugs from taking hold.

I just wanted to encourage you to get back to basics and first make food your medicine of choice and when you need some extra help, look to the natural supplements that are effective and don’t have the nasty side effects of drugs.

How do you avoid colds and flu?

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About amusico

I am a holistic health coach and independent nutritional consultant. All my coaching plans are based on my 3-D Living program and a big part of that are the Youngevity Products and Supplements I proudly offer! Visit my website at http://www.threedimensionalvitality.com and learn more about the products and my coaching plans!
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8 Responses to Let Food Be Your Medicine

  1. Ann,

    Definitely using food is better than drugs. I’m a big fan of salt water. It has never failed to stop a sore throat from becoming something much worse.

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  2. Ann, I agree completely with Hippocrates – and with you! The more we view our food as our medicine, the more we make healthful choices. I’ve found the tastiest foods are the healthiest. God is so good to give our medicine in perfect packages! May He continue to bless you as you bless us!

  3. We rarely get colds around our house, especially since we started homeschooling our daughter. She would inevitably bring home running noses and fevers through the years. I would often take Zinc when I felt a cold coming on. Growing up, my dad’s recipe for the cold was to make us drink a disgusting concoction of onion and carrot juice from a Vitamix blender. The cold didn’t have a chance after that drink! I never thought about raw honey helping keep a cold at bay, we would often eat honey growing up straight from my dad’s bee hives. Wish I had some of that today!

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