Where’s Your Focus: Habits or Outcomes?

FocusOk it’s the very beginning of 2014 and like most of us you may have plans to make this your healthiest year ever. You may want to lose weight and get in shape before the nice weather comes. That’s the most common goal this time of year and why so many gyms experience a huge surge in new memberships.  Typically it doesn’t last long – often not even throughout the entire month of January!

Part of that is because too often people try to make sweeping, drastic changes all at once. One primary principle I use with clients and for myself is to take baby steps – make small, consistent changes. It may not seem like much at the time, but once you have one small step well ingrained in your daily routine, you can then add another.  For instance, gradually increasing your water intake to one-half your body weight in ounces and replacing other empty calorie beverages with water may not seem like much. But I’ve had numerous clients tell me they couldn’t believe how much more energy they have, they are more regular and even felt their skin looked better! AND they lost weight without changing anything else – yet!

These baby steps build upon each other and before you even realize it, you’ve made substantial changes and you are enjoying improved health. The other thing I think most of us do wrong is to focus too much on results or outcomes and not enough on changing habits. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not against having a goal to reach.  In fact, I encourage that – I just don’t think that should be the be all and end all.

If your focus is solely on losing 30 lbs. you may hit a plateau before you reach that magic number and become discouraged. That happens more often than not and is one reason for all those unused gym memberships.

Choose to focus instead on taking consistent, gradual, daily action (baby steps) now and you will create the positive outcome you desire!  Here’s a wonderful quotation that fits here beautifully: “If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” Jack Dixon

So what habits can you focus on changing in order to get the outcome you desire this year?

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I am a holistic health coach and independent nutritional consultant. All my coaching plans are based on my 3-D Living program and a big part of that are the Youngevity Products and Supplements I proudly offer! Visit my website at http://www.threedimensionalvitality.com and learn more about the products and my coaching plans!
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7 Responses to Where’s Your Focus: Habits or Outcomes?

  1. Amen! We are trained to focus on outcomes but I agree that good habits will bring the desired outcome and KEEP the desired outcome.

    Baby steps are best to prevent discouragement.

    Have a Victorious Day!
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  2. Ann, I agree. Our daily choices add up—good or bad. God promises to reward faithfulness, in due time.

  3. Ann says:

    Has anyone had any problems leaving a comment here?

  4. One habit I got out of in late 2013 is my daily walks. It made all the difference in my outlook on my body and the day. I got a pedometer watch this week that allows you to put goal in it (10,000 steps for example) and I look down to see how much I’ve move throughout the day. A good motivator to realize how much more I need movement.

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