Health: Why It is Critical to Ask the Right Questions

prescription interactinsI want to share some information here that many may be unaware of. We tend to think of drugs like antibiotics as “safe” drugs. I learned that this is not always the case several years ago.  Several days after my youngest son, Matthew, graduated from high school my dad, then in his late 70’s was experiencing some bizarre symptoms. Without going into all the details, he went to the doctor and because he did not clearly describe his symptoms (and the doctor didn’t ask the right questions) he was prescribed an antibiotic – Levaquin – for a bladder infection. However within one day he was experiencing new, frightening symptoms. I called his doctor and we took him off that immediately. Long story short – he didn’t have a bladder infection but Lyme disease, which his dermatologist diagnosed later that week. The rash was on the back of his thigh and the primary doctor never saw it.

He was put on the right antibiotic but the damage was already done. He experienced weakness in his legs and actually had to go to physical therapy to build those muscles up again that the Levaquin damaged that quickly!

Well an article I read recently in the Health Alert newsletter mentioned some extremely dangerous drug combinations that could be deadly.  All too many people are on statin drugs today. Statin drugs in and of themselves carry some serious side effects like muscle damage and destruction and depletion of enzyme Co-Q10 from the heart muscle.  (If you insist on taking a statin, at least also supplement with Co-Q10 to offset that depletion.)

What many people may not know, is that if you combine any of the statin drugs with certain antibiotics (erythromycin – E-Mycin, Eryc, Ery-Tab – or clarithromycin/Biaxin) you increase the risk of muscle damage or destruction which could even cause death!  The article went on to say that if you are prescribed a fluoroquinolone antibiotic like Cipro, Levaquin or Avelox – you increase your risk of serious kidney injury, whether you are on statins or not.  These antibiotics multiply the effects of the statin drug by 4-10 fold!  And if you are on blood pressure meds, another common and in my opinion, overprescribed drug, and take one of those fluoroquinolone antibiotics I mentioned, your risk of kidney damage is even higher.

So besides sharing this information I hope will protect you from harm, I want to urge you to always carefully question your doctor or pharmacist about any medication you are prescribed. Be certain you know what other drugs it interacts with and don’t assume your doctor is aware. Many times people are prescribed different drugs from different doctors and they are unaware of what else you are on.

Also if you think taking an antibiotic for a cold or the flu is going to help – you are wasting your time and setting yourself up for antibiotic resistance. There are safe, natural things to help your immune system fight those invaders off that won’t put you in danger.

If you are on more than one prescription drug, how do you ensure your safety?

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7 Responses to Health: Why It is Critical to Ask the Right Questions

  1. Ann,

    Thanks to Jesus my husband and I are healthy and don’t take any medications, but I know several people, especially older people, who take a lot of meds. It seems that every few months they are going to the doctor for a new symptom and getting another medication! As you know, some people are more receptive to receiving input about these things than others. I will certainly keep your article in mind if I have the opportunity to give some input.

    So glad your Dad is ok!

    Have a Victorious Day!

  2. Ann, you provide such a powerful real-life example of why it is so important to ask questions! Thank you for sharing this. I agree completely: it is up to us to be proactive in protecting our health!

  3. My wife is on several medications and since they haven’t really changed in a long while she knows “how” to take them. One month, she took the same prescription and it made her incredibly sick to her stomach, yet was crucial she have them. We looked on the bottle and it was from a different manufacturer. So now we have to monitor “who” makes the prescription as well!

    • amusico says:

      That’s a very important caution you just shared! I was talking to a neighbor who is struggling with systemic candida and just went to a holistic practitioner. She is very sensitive to foods and supplements. He prescribed certain natural supplements – actually two were the same ones she already takes with no problem – just from a different company. She had a violent and severe negative reaction to them! It matters where things come from and who processes them! Thanks for sharing that Michael.

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