Health: Is There a Better Option than Drugs for ADHD?

stressed college student“One 2008 study, which interviewed 1,800 college students, reported that 81 percent of them perceived illicit use of ADHD drugs as being completely harmless, or only “slightly dangerous.” This is despite the fact that these drugs are Schedule II substances — just like cocaine, methamphetamines, and morphine. As such, drugs like as Ritalin, Vyvanse, Strattera, and Adderall have very real health risks.”

This alarming article not only talks about the dangers of these drugs commonly prescribed for young children, but also the fact that many college students are using them for the purpose of keeping up with a challenging school schedule. There’s no doubt that college students are in a high pressure situation. Having raised three, all of whom excelled during their college years, I can attest to the fact that the stress can certainly tempt our young people to find less than safe and healthy options for dealing with it.

These stimulant drugs are not harmless as the article clearly shows. Besides the chance of accidentally overdosing, which could be disastrous, these drugs can cause permanent brain, cardiovascular and liver damage, as well as changes in personality including depression and hallucinations.

While the article focuses on the dangers to those young adults between the ages of 18 and 25, I also question the safety for young children whose brains are just developing. There are many simple changes that can be made, which the article lists, including cleaning up the diet by eliminating sugar, food additives and wheat, including naturally fermented and cultured, probiotic rich foods; getting adequate sleep and learning some effective stress management techniques.

Do you know any college aged young people who might be tempted to use ADHD drugs?

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6 Responses to Health: Is There a Better Option than Drugs for ADHD?

  1. Elyssa Smith says:

    Wow, Ann – This is eye opening. I know several college students and I have known one personally who went to drugs to pull all nighters and to excel in school. It’s so dangerous. My experience with the pharmaceutical industry has recently been a bit scary. For pregnancy, there are categories of drugs in order of safety and side effects, including risk of birth defects. Class A drugs have been long proven to have no side effects and no birth defects or harm to the baby. Class B drugs have very few cases of either, and so on and so forth on through Class F and then Class X, which has proven to either be deadly or close to it. For nausea for me, one doctor insisted on prescribing a Class C drug, because insurance would not pay for a Class A drug that worked perfectly well for me. The hospital she works for does not support the Class A drug, but regularly prescribes the Class C…there is something wrong with this picture! Thanks for finding more helpful articles to help educate us for health’s sake.

    • amusico says:

      Wow yes, Elyssa as you are learning – it’s even scarier when what you choose to take can affect the life and health of your child! You are very right. There is definitely something wrong with this picture.

  2. Ann,

    I think everyone is trying to pack more and more into their schedule so there is a push to skimp on sleep and try to make up for it with all sorts of drugs. I’m follow “early to bed, early to rise”. I sometimes don’t get enough sleep, but the best thing I’ve found to keep me alert is a little exercise like jumping jacks. It’s healthy and has an immediate effect.

    Have a Victorious Day!

    • amusico says:

      Very true Marianne – we are all over-scheduled it seems and sleep is definitely not the place to skimp. Getting up and moving is definitely a great way to increase energy. Making sure you are not dehydrated is another – many times when we feel hungry or fatigued – it’s actually a need for water!

  3. debwilson2 says:

    One of my son’s teachers suggested he go on these drugs when he was young. He was an athletic, kinesthetic learner. I think she thought a lot of little boys needed these drugs for school. We didn’t do them.

    • amusico says:

      I had a teacher tell me the same thing about my son Christopher and we didn’t do it either – and I’m very grateful we did not. I never had another complaint from any of his teachers – it seems some think normal little boys should just sit with hands folder. That’s not normal.

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