Health and Your Heart: Will an aspirin a Day Protect Your Heart?

aspirin“As little as 75 mg. of aspirin will poison the body’s platelets, making them incapable of performing the function for which they are designed, clumping together to stop bleeding at a site of injury. Since it takes at least 48 hours for the body to manufacture enough new platelets to do the job of plugging leaks in the vascular system, an individual will be at increased risk for bruising or bleeding internally for two days after taking a single 81 mg. baby aspirin.”

About 10 years ago my husband went to a cardiologist on the advice of his primary physician who did stress and other tests and suggested he take a daily aspirin for the health of his heart. We chose to use omega-3 fats and natto instead. It just did not seem logical to me to have him taking a drug when we could use a natural supplement and get the same, if not better results and avoid any negative side-effects.

After all, I know for a fact that my husband didn’t have an “aspirin deficiency.” He has never had a heart attack and when he did the stress test, asked the technician to increase the speed because it was too slow for him! I feel like this is one of those things that on the face of it seems like it should make sense but when you consider the possible dangers, you have to admit, this is not a good idea.

The most serious problems with daily aspirin besides what is mentioned in the quotation above, are hemorrhagic stroke, ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, and kidney failure. The reason he was referred to a cardiologist was because his cholesterol numbers were not low enough. That’s a whole other post.

On May 2nd of this year, the FDA rejected Bayer’s request for approval to market aspirin as a means to prevent heart attacks in people who have no prior history of heart disease. That’s a step in the right direction, however, many if not most people will simply begin taking a daily aspirin if their doctor suggests it without question. And many doctors will simply prescribe it because it is what they’ve always done.

I believe it is up to each one of us to take responsibility for our health, to ask questions and only do what we feel is right for us.

Do you or anyone you know take a daily aspirin to keep your heart healthy?

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4 Responses to Health and Your Heart: Will an aspirin a Day Protect Your Heart?

  1. Ann,

    There’s always a natural (God-designed) way to help our bodies function as they were designed, but that’s not usually what we hear from the doctor.

    Have a Victorious Day!

  2. debwilson2 says:

    Ann, I appreciate this post. I think when your doctor speaks, you want to believe him/her. But I’ve found, in the end, it is my life and I’m responsible for it. I can’t blindly follow people in areas that don’t make sense, no matter what their credentials or good intentions may be.

    • amusico says:

      Absolutely Deb – we have to be proactive and take full responsibility for the choices we make and in deciding on treatments and medication. It can literally be the difference between life and death.

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