Health: How Important is Happiness to Good Health?

happy relaxed attitude“The astounding revelation is that these endorphins and other chemicals like them are found not just in the brain, but in the immune system, the endocrine system, and throughout the body…In other words, emotions are not just purely psychological, but actually have a direct impact on the functioning of different systems of the body, including the immune system.” (emphasis mine)

It isn’t difficult to believe that laughter can boost your immune system. In fact, many people have healed themselves with laughter like Dr. Bernie Siegel. But what this article talks about is how an optimistic, happy attitude strengthens the immune system, and as the quotation above states, the feel- good chemicals that are released are found throughout the body – not just in the immune system or the brain.

The article says studies show that circulation to injuries is improved and tissue repair increased simply by feeling joyful and relaxed as opposed to stressed and upset. We know stress is the underlying cause for upwards of 85% of all disease so this isn’t exactly unbelievable – at least not to me. In fact I’ve experienced how stress can break the body down personally.

Laughter can reduce inflammation – the root of ALL disease! Laughter! And there are no negative side effects. Changing your perspective of a situation can not only change it from a crisis to a challenge, it can also improve physical health. That’s why refocusing is a basic principle in Today’s the Day and all my coaching.

There are many ways to begin doing this. First and foremost there is prayer. Studies have proven that people with a strong spiritual belief and practice are healthier overall. That doesn’t surprise me either.

Meditation – there are so many ways you can do this – my friend Elyssa Smith shares how she meditates in this great post. I regularly recommend people become familiar with The Healing Codes, which I have been using for several years now in conjuction with prayer and which I find extremely effective. My friend Daniel Ledford shares his unique way of meditating in this post.

No excuses. As you can see we each have a slightly different take but the results are the same! Choose the way you are most comfortable with and do it consistently for a stronger, healthier, more resilient body.

Please share how you relax and reduce stress.

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8 Responses to Health: How Important is Happiness to Good Health?

  1. yourbestmoment says:

    Great post, Ann! Thanks for the shout out. 🙂 Along with meditation, my husband and I have adopted the term “cleansing breath” from our childbirth classes as a tool for dealing with everyday stress. When one of us knows that one or both of us are particularly tense, we call out “cleansing breath!” and both of us stop what we are doing and take a huge deep breath and let out a sigh. It’s amazing how much just focusing on breath for a moment can bring you back into the present. I also love winding down in the evening by looking up funny videos to watch on YouTube! It’s a guilty pleasure, but a restless mind and a stressful day are just no match for a seal that yells like a man ( 🙂

  2. Ann,

    My first thought was, “A merry heart does the body good like medicine.” Proverbs 17:22 It’s so true too.

    Have a Victorious Day!

  3. carolinegavin says:

    Wonderful post, Ann! I love how God has wired us to be healthiest when we are happy and holy in Him! Thank you for this refreshing post; I savor your nutritional nuggets!

  4. debwilson2 says:

    I loved this post, Ann. My thoughts went along with Marianne’s. Love it when modern science supports ancient Scripture. I’m going to be sure I take time to smile!

    • amusico says:

      I love it too Deb – Father ALWAYS knows best!!! (I know, I’m showing my age here but I don’t care!) Science is always behind scripture. But they’re catching up since now they have the technology to do so!

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