Healthy Living: 3 Additional Benefits of Daily Rebooting

woman rebootingOne of the 3D living keys is “rest and rebooting.” That, of course includes adequate, restful sleep but what is often overlooked is what I refer to as rebooting. Basically it is disconnecting from your daily routine, even for just five minutes, periodically throughout your day. It can be as simple as stopping to take a few deep breaths and a shoulder roll or two or taking a 10 minute walk outside in the sunshine.

As you will see from this article, what I call ‘rebooting’ they refer to as relaxation. Either way it is a much overlooked, yet powerfully effective activity!

“Not relaxing enough has been linked to health complications ranging from increased dementia risks to heart problems.”

Rebooting or relaxing is a very effective way to short-circuit stress, which, from the quotation above, is one of the most important yet overlooked things you can do for overall health.

Besides the benefits mentioned in the article, which include improved heart health, reducing cancer risk and depression, boosting brain health and energy, I wanted to share 3 more:

1. Because rebooting or relaxing, whichever term resonates most with you, lowers the amounts of stress hormones circulating in your body, it will help with weight loss! Yes, now, how counter-intuitive is that? Simply by relaxing and taking a break instead of exercising more or harder, you can help your body release fat. Stress hormones cause your body to store fat, especially in the belly, which ends up being the most dangerous type of fat.

2. We have two branches of our nervous system, the sympathetic and parasympathetic. Very simply, the sympathetic turns up your body’s fight or flight response and is basically activated when you perceive danger, causing release of stress hormones. The parasympathetic is the restoring and healing system. It can be activated simply by taking long, slow breaths! It’s also been found that it can be activated by gratitude. So just taking a few minutes during the day to express your gratitude to God, activates this healing, rejuvenating and restoring arm of your nervous system, which results in healing, boosting immunity (especially important in this day and age of Ebola!) and reducing pain.

3. When you are relaxed, both hemispheres of your brain work together and your communication with your subconscious mind is stronger. You are in a relaxed wakeful state, still aware of your surroundings, but you are able to learn more easily, your subconscious is more open to suggestion, your imagination is heightened and your spiritual connection is also stronger. You are better able to receive guidance, and you are better able to pray effectively. If you speak faith confessions or have a daily practice where you speak positive affirmations, this is the most effective time to do that! You create a space of willingness and invite God to guide you.

Do you regularly reboot and what are your favorite ways to do so?

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6 Responses to Healthy Living: 3 Additional Benefits of Daily Rebooting

  1. Karen H. says:

    Thanks Ann for this powerful reminder to reboot. I like to reboot with a cup of tea and gratitude. I tell The Lord how thankful I am for the simple pleasures he abundantly provides. Thank you for blessing your readers with this article today!

  2. debwilson2 says:

    Ann, I appreciate this. I’ve pushed hard to finish a project, and I feel I need a longer rebooting. Maybe that’s why I skipped a group call and started a good book tonight!

  3. Ann,

    Learning how to truly rest was my prayer for this year.  I know it’s important physically, mentally and spiritually.  Thanks for the reminder. 

    Have a Victorious Day!  Marianne

    Sent via phone so please excuse typos and brevity.

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