Healthy Blood Pressure: Is Salt Really the Problem?

saltOne of my very first coaching clients came to me because he wanted to lower his blood pressure without going on pharmaceutical drugs. I created a Get Healthy Game Plan for him and one of the recommendations was to include ¼ tsp of natural, unprocessed salt for every 32 oz. of water he drank. (That’s my basic formula for hydration.)

He was a little leery about how salt would affect his blood pressure. I explained that unless he was one of the very few people who are very sensitive to salt, as long as he was drinking half his body weight in ounces of water, the salt would balance his electrolytes and help the water hydrate him more effectively.

He was willing to give it a shot and he did. Not only did his blood pressure normalize, he couldn’t believe how much more energy he had. That was about 7 years ago and he is still not on meds!

Most people who have high blood pressure are told to cut out salt immediately. But as this article explains, research is now showing that:

“…regular intake of high sugar drinks has been associated with an increase in blood pressure and in clinical trials a diet containing high sugar resulted in a significant increase in blood pressure, compared with a low-sugar diet. Other cardiovascular markers have also been noted to be increased with a high-sugar diet, including, triglycerides, total cholesterol, and low density lipoprotein.”

To be very clear, their research was talking about added sugars as in packaged, processed foods, not fresh fruits and vegetables. So as with nutrition in general, the quality and source of the sugar is what matters most.

Did you know too much sugar could raise blood pressure, as well as cholesterol levels?

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4 Responses to Healthy Blood Pressure: Is Salt Really the Problem?

  1. I didn’t know about that but it makes sense.  Thank God both of us have great blood pressure.  Glad to hear that your client followed your wisdom. 

    Have a Victorious Day!  Marianne

    Sent via phone so please excuse typos and brevity.

  2. debwilson2 says:

    I just added salt to a quart of water. Is that how you do it? Or do you add it to your food? Thanks Ann.

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