Healthy Heart: Finally the Truth About Cholesterol from My Husband’s Experience

Blood workPeople who know my husband understand what a truly big deal this is. When we were first married and cholesterol wasn’t a big issue as it is today, my husband went to one of those health fairs at his gym and they tested his cholesterol. He came home and very proudly told me his cholesterol was 350! I about passed out. I told him that was very high. He said – ok I’m going to take you there and they can test your cholesterol since we eat the same food. Well he did, they did and mine was 187. That was where I first learned his mom and aunts all had high cholesterol and he just assumed his would be too. Fortunately (or unfortunately – depends on how you look at it) he married me and I wasn’t content to just leave it alone.

Over the years I have tried to explain why grains and sugar are the real culprits not eggs and grass fed meat. Of course his doctor told him not to eat eggs or butter or meat and wanted him on a statin drug. Thankfully after I showed him the potential dangers of those drugs he refused to take them.

However, he also refused to avoid sweets, grains, (pasta and bread being his carbs of choice) even though he felt he was “eating healthy” because he ate the dinners I prepared, but still ate those other foods he craved and was used to eating.

He had blood work done regularly and each time his doctor would go off the deep end saying he had to get on statins immediately. Well his last blood work done in November last year was no different. In fact, he’d just not even tried to eat better and his numbers were not good at all. He knew my thoughts so I didn’t say anything. After Christmas he told me he decided he would go gluten free for 6 weeks beginning on January 1st and then get blood work done again and if his numbers didn’t improve he would just eat what he wanted to.

Well I was thrilled at his decision and of course did all I could to make it as easy and delicious for him to keep to his decision. What he ended up doing was essentially the first 2 detox weeks of my Today’s the Day plan, and repeating them 3 times for a total of 6 weeks. He had eggs 4 or 5 mornings a week; I found gluten free waffles so he could have those a few times a week with organic peanut butter; he ate clean protein for his dinners (he never eats lunch) like free range chicken, turkey, grass feed beef, fish with lots of salads, roasted and raw veggies. He was never hungry. In fact he had trouble finishing meals sometimes.

He just got the results of the blood work he had done after 6 weeks. His total cholesterol went down 35 points and his LDL (so called “bad” cholesterol) dropped 31 points – in only 6 weeks – AND he lost 8 pounds!

His plan had been to stay on this strictly for 6 weeks and then continue, going off on the weekends. He was actually a little disappointed with the results hoping the numbers would’ve dropped even more. But he and most people forget that what you create in your body over a period of years won’t be totally reversed in a few weeks. When a doctor puts you on a statin drug they check your blood again in 3 months – not 6 weeks. So I made sure he realized his results were truly excellent and the longer he stayed the course, the better they will be.

The first weekend after his blood work was done was Valentine’s Day. We went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and he ordered his favorite meal there – chicken parm and pasta (which he had not had in 6 weeks and was dreaming about having again!) He took one taste of the pasta and looked at me in shock saying – it doesn’t even taste that good, I think I lost my taste for it! (Hallelujah!) What a plan like this does is retrain your taste buds and he is living proof.

He had wanted to be able to have pasta on the weekend and he definitely can – but he’s chosen not to. (You have NO idea what a miracle this is!) He said he feels so much better eating this way and is choosing to continue. That couldn’t make me happier. I never thought he would listen to me but once it was his own idea, he followed through and the results speak for themselves. And it only took 32 years – but better late than never.

What do you think about my husband’s cholesterol experiment?

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9 Responses to Healthy Heart: Finally the Truth About Cholesterol from My Husband’s Experience

  1. lal.4655 says:

    Ann so glad to hear about your hubby. 💖 wish you were here to cook for me. 😊 have a great day.😀 God bless.💖 

    Sent from my Samsung device

  2. debwilson2 says:

    Ann, that is inspiring. My husband is vegetarian and is very disciplined but eats lots of breads. I’ve suggested he try going off of them for a test. I know going gluten free really made a huge difference for me.

    • amusico says:

      It’s pretty amazing how much of an improvement that one change can make! It says a lot about the quality of the wheat and the fact that it is in so many foods you wouldn’t expect if you eat packaged foods.

  3. Lynne Watts says:

    Ann–so glad you shared this. It’s easy to think that because you have a passion for healthy practices that everyone in your life follows your example. I am truly pleased for your husband. It is sad all the people who are advised to go on statin drugs these days when a change in diet would suffice. I made a similar change in my diet last year and was able to drop my cholesterol 40 points. Keep on changing the world with your awesome advice.

    • amusico says:

      Thank you Lynne and congratulations – that is awesome! Yes – it’s kind of similar to what Jesus said about a prophet not being
      recognized in his own town – sometimes those closest to you are the last to listen and believe what you say. Better late than never!

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