Health: 5 Drug Combinations to Avoid

prescription drugsI’m not a big fan of pharmaceutical drugs, whether prescription or over the counter. However, I do know there are times when it is necessary to take them. That being said, I just wanted to share some information that could potentially save your health and life! No, I am not being overly dramatic so if you do use over the counter medications, read on.

The first drug I want to bring to your attention is acetaminophen (Tylenol) as well as other NSAID drugs like naproxen, ibuprofen, and aspirin – so this one is a two for one! One of the most dangerous and common drugs people overdose on is Tylenol! It doesn’t even take very much over the recommended dosage to cause serious and even life threatening problems, like liver failure.

1. Combining acetaminophen with over the counter cold meds can increase your risk of liver failure. Often these cold meds contain acetaminophen so you could be overdosing without realizing it.

2. If you mix NSAIDS – for example Tylenol and aspirin – again you increase your risk of causing permanent liver damage. There are natural pain relief alternatives that are much safer and just as effective for minor pain like turmeric and ginger.

3. Many people are taking prescription opioid pain medication for more serious chronic pain issues. Just as many, if not more are also taking prescription anxiety drugs. This is a deadly combination as both types of drugs depress your bodily functions, and more than just your digestion.

4. Too many people are taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol levels when making some fairly simple changes to diet and targeted supplements will work just as well without the many dangerous side effects of these drugs. If you happen to combine these drugs with antifungal drugs, you risk permanent kidney damage.

5. Finally, combining cough medicine with the natural herb St. John’s Wort can cause serotonin syndrome which could result in confusion, pain, visual problems and possibly death. So – even natural supplements, when improperly taken or combined can be dangerous! This is why you must know what you are taking and do it properly. Even when starting a new natural supplement – I always advise you only add that one new thing and pay attention to how it affects you over a week or two before you decide to continue with it. We are all biochemically unique and you can be sensitive to anything at any time, even something natural.

Were you aware of the dangers of certain drug combinations?

Simple is best! Baby steps are the most powerful way to make truly impactful changes. Here are 125 of my best ones!

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2 Responses to Health: 5 Drug Combinations to Avoid

  1. debwilson2 says:

    I remember our prayer group praying for a man who was only in his thirties who was dying from liver failure caused by taking cold medicine with Tylenol. I was shocked. He did pass away. So sad. Thanks for warning us.

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