Brain Health: 5 Things You Can Begin Doing Now to Avoid Dementia

Brain healthAlzheimer’s is not a natural part of aging although the incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease have been increasing. In fact almost 2/3 of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s are women and Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia is the cause of death for 1 in 3 seniors. Alarming statistics for sure.

Here are a few things that could prevent or at least reduce your risk of developing this devastating disease. It’s certainly worth the effort.

1. Increase the plant based foods in your diet. Eating organic produce, fruits, vegetables, especially leafy greens, legumes like peas and beans, nuts and seeds will provide necessary nutrients, including vitamin E that you need daily to nourish your brain.  When you eat grains choose healthier whole grains and avoid highly processed foods (breads, cakes, pastas) that raise insulin levels.

2. Include healthy fats and avoid trans fats like partially hydrogenated oils which are mostly found in packaged, processed foods and increase healthy fats, particularly coconut oil which has been proven to help reduce risk of Alzheimer’s.

3. Be sure to get adequate B vitamins, particularly vitamin B12. A B12 deficiency can present as dementia.

4. Choose aluminum free products, like aluminum free baking powder, when you bake.

5. Stay active both physically and mentally! Brisk walking daily is something almost everyone can work into their daily schedule and it is very effective to keep your blood circulating and oxygenating your body. Also reading and writing are two of the most effective mental exercises so read something stimulating daily!

How many of these simple tips are you already including in your daily routine and diet?

All the chocolate Easter bunnies & peeps are gone. Now’s the time to do a spring cleaning diet reboot!

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4 Responses to Brain Health: 5 Things You Can Begin Doing Now to Avoid Dementia

  1. marcytravis says:

    Ann, Thank you for another insightful post. Preventing the onset of dementia is close to my heart. I really appreciate the time you take to share your wisdom and knowledge with us!

  2. debwilson2 says:

    Ann, I always appreciate your posts. I lost an aunt to dementia or Alzheimer’s. I certainly want to prevent it if I can.

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