Heart Health: Daily Statins for Long Life or Is There a Better Way?

statinsThe whole point of taking any drug is to resolve the health problem. Right? So then if you are taking a drug daily to prevent a problem from occurring in the first place, you would expect there to be great benefits in doing so. Right?

Well, maybe not so right when it comes to statins. A study funded by AstraZeneca, who makes the statin drug Crestor, concluded that we should all take a statin daily to prevent a heart attack. The first problem is the company funding the study – think they have a vested interest in you taking their drug daily? Absolutely!

They cite the “relative risk reduction,” that there is a 24% reduction in the statin-treated group. But that is relative risk reduction. According to Dr. Brownstein the absolute risk difference is a more meaningful way of interpreting data clinically. So interpreting that same data for absolute risk reveals there is a 1.1% reduction – or statins fail in 99% of those who take them! And they are recommending daily preventive statins for everyone.

Now for more craziness. A recent British Medical Journal study looked at the mortality benefit from taking a statin medication for two to six years by reviewing statin studies.  They reported that if you take a statin medication for two to six years to prevent your first heart attack your death will be postponed by an average of 3.2 days.  If you have already suffered a heart attack and are taking a statin to prevent another one, your death will be postponed an average of 4.1 days.

Considering the dangerous side effects associated with these drugs, living 4 more days and suffering with the side effects doesn’t seem worth the effort, does it? This is why changing your diet and adding in some targeted supplements which support health as my husband is doing is a much better option.

What do you think about these new recommendations and the results of the statin study review?

Making small, gradual changes (baby steps) is the most effective way to create positive momentum! You can get 125 powerful, effective baby steps that will result in impactful changes in your life.

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2 Responses to Heart Health: Daily Statins for Long Life or Is There a Better Way?

  1. debwilson2 says:

    Thanks again for sounding the warning of common sense and sound research.

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