Healthy Food: How Can You Know What’s Real?

Whole foodsI read a story about a woman in Alaska who supposedly bought a McDonald’s Happy Meal in 2010 and posted a picture of the meal 6 years later. She says she had it in her office the whole time and it just hasn’t spoiled. I have no way of knowing if she really did purchase the meal in the picture 6 years ago, but what I find very interesting is that McDonald’s actually addresses the issue in the FAQ’s on their website.

It’s no secret that fast food, including these Happy Meals, are loaded with very unhealthy ingredients and should not, by any stretch of the imagination be considered “real food.”

In responding to the question “why doesn’t your food rot” McDonald’s explained that the food in question most likely was dehydrated and that’s why it never spoiled.

I think perhaps people need to understand what “real food” is! We are bombarded with thousands and thousands of food-like products. But you can’t classify them as real food. So maybe we need to come up with a working definition.

Here’s how I define it for clients:

“the highest quality of clean, fresh, whole, one-ingredient foods in a form as close to how God created them”

To get even more specific, some of the qualities of real food are:

It doesn’t have ingredients – it is an ingredient;

It doesn’t have a label;

It’s minimally processed and contains high concentrations of bioavailable nutrients;

Your body recognizes it as food and is able to use it;

It rots;

It is seasonal;

It doesn’t just fill your belly, it actually nourishes your cells and satisfies your hunger.

If those foods never rot what do you think they do in your body?

Need a truly simple, easy way to begin creating your meals from truly “real foods?” The 14-Day Diet Reboot is just the thing!!

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4 Responses to Healthy Food: How Can You Know What’s Real?

  1. In his wisdom, God created man as well as man’s food supply, not to mention the earth which enriches the food to be the source of energy and medicine that is needed to sustain human life. For those reasons, I totally agree, and the measure I use is to do the work and make sure that my family’s food is as close to those origins as possible. God’s focus is on man’s sustenance.

    Man, in his wisdom, takes the foods that God gave us and works that food over in labs and processing plants to make them easier to get and use, and man modifies the taste and “mouth feel” to make them more alluring, with his focus on profit for those who wreck that food so that the body doesn’t recognize it and stores it as fat. Case in point: “Natural flavors” on labels refer to a concoction of chemicals that taste like the natural food.

    I began eating an organic diet when I thought my budget was way too small, but as we changed our priorities and mindset, with no additional income, we were able to shift to organic foods in every food group.

    The book Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss will open your eyes to the harmful, if not poisonous effects of the destructive factory foods that are so prevalent in today’s markets.

    My recommendation: Eat foods that are as close to local, fresh and seasonal as you can find while gradually shifting from processed foods.

    • amusico says:

      Absolutely Bob! That’s how I define “real food” – fresh, properly grown/raised in a form as close to how God created it! Thank you for the book recommendation – I will certainly put that one on my list of must reads.

  2. debwilson2 says:

    Ann, I hope to listen to you. Great article, as always.

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