Health and OTC Drugs: Unusual Side Effects

ImodiumOkay so now I feel like perhaps I’ve heard everything. There is a growing problem in our country with opioid drug use. These drugs that are used for chronic pain are being over-prescribed and abused. The result is addiction to these pain-killers.

Well, this article explains how people who have become addicted to these opioid drugs are using a common over the counter anti-diarrhea medication to get the same high as they do from those prescribed pain drugs.

The main ingredient in Imodium A-D, Loperamide, stops diarrhea by slowing down intestinal action. In extremely high doses, anywhere from 50 to 300 pills per day, it will also cause a similar euphoria or high as the opioids.

Addiction is bad enough, but taking that much Imodium can cause heart problems, kidney and liver failure, and death.

This is just one more reason to remember that no drugs are truly safe and we have to be aware of the possible dangers associated with them.

Were you aware of the potential dangers of overdosing on this common OTC drug?

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2 Responses to Health and OTC Drugs: Unusual Side Effects

  1. debwilson2 says:

    Ann, thank you for keeping us informed! I always learn something from you.

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