Health and Wholeness: Does Prayer Make a Difference?

praying-womenI’m sure you have your own thoughts, opinion, beliefs and experiences where this question is concerned as it relates to health. I can tell you from personal experience that when I had a bad side effect to a dental antibiotic several years ago and had to undergo serious emergency surgery, I felt the prayers of my loved ones and had total peace throughout the entire 12 week ordeal. You can read about it here if you are interested.

I have read articles saying all different things and in all honesty I’m sure conducting studies is difficult because no one can really prove whether someone is truly praying in faith or not. However, I came across this article which said, “An exhaustive analysis of more than 1,500 reputable medical studies indicates people who are more religious and pray more have better mental and physical health” according to Harold G. Koenig, M.D.

That’s pretty impressive. I don’t think you will find 1,500 reputable medical studies on any of the myriad pharmaceutical drugs we see advertised on TV daily that all say there is benefit and no downside.

That’s the most wonderful part of praying for yourself or someone else – there is no downside! No negative side effects they’ll have to deal with. And it is available to every single person alive.

There is a wonderful scripture in the Bible, Psalms 107:20 that says: “He sends forth His Word and heals them and rescues them from the pit and destruction.”

I am a Christian so praying in line with God’s Word in the Bible is how I pray. If you’re familiar with mind-body and energy medicine you know that the words you speak and the thoughts you think release hormones and chemicals that powerfully affect your physical health. I don’t believe it is an exaggeration to say words are the most powerful things in the universe.

And we know that our beliefs have great power.  You may not realize just how much! I’m sure you’re familiar with the placebo effect. I take that a step further and just base my beliefs on the infallible Word of God and go from there. That has never failed me yet.

We are spiritual beings – even if your beliefs are not the same as mine, you have to admit that this is true. We are each a spirit who will live forever, we have a soul – a mind, will and emotions (our personality) and we each live in a physical body on this earth. So how could a spiritual discipline like prayer not affect us on every level?

Do you believe prayer has power to help you heal and stay healthy?

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2 Responses to Health and Wholeness: Does Prayer Make a Difference?

  1. debwilson2 says:

    Yes, Ann. Our prayers change us and affect the things we pray for. Jesus spent lots of time praying, and He knew how the universe works. So who am I to think I don’t need to pray?

    • amusico says:

      Absolutely Debbie! I got such a great praise report today. I was praying with a friend who was having surgery yesterday for colon cancer. We prayed and agreed that they would not even find a tumor – and praise God she texted me today saying there was no visible tumor! Prayer is powerful.

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