Healthy Changes: Can you Trust Yourself?

trust-yourselfIn my book, Today’s the Day 7 Week Fitness Plan, and my coaching program, I talk about exercising as it applies to your body, spirit and soul (mind, will and emotions). What I want to focus on in this post is exercising your will and why it is something most people are overlooking.

Have you made New Year Resolutions that have already been forgotten? How often do you think about making some change, either to your diet or some other area of your lifestyle, that doesn’t last more than a week or two?

Have you wondered why that is?

Well perhaps you don’t consider your will a muscle as I do. The easiest way to exercise that will “muscle” is to make and keep promises to yourself! Sounds extraordinarily simple doesn’t it? It actually is but the truth is, most people don’t keep their word to themselves. These are the same people who would never go back on their word to their spouse, child, parent or friend. Yet they continually do so to themselves.

In working with many people with respect to this very issue, I think the core of the problem is that they don’t feel they are worthy. That may sound odd to you but if deep down you don’t think you’re worth taking care of, you will continually sabotage your best efforts to do so.

So the first step is to honestly assess whether you have feelings of unworthiness. They may be well buried and camouflaged but if you constantly struggle with following through, this very well may be an issue for you. As women and moms in particular we are used to putting other people’s needs (children, spouses, parents) before our own. And that’s necessary at times and a good thing. Don’t misunderstand. I am not advocating becoming selfish and self-centered. Not at all. However it’s important to remember than extremes of any kind are where the enemy usually attacks us.

Keep in mind, you can slip into that mindset/heart attitude when it is perfectly right and acceptable to put yourself on the list. That is when you know it has become a problem you need to address.

Once you determine whether this is an issue for you, there is only one way to exercise that “muscle” and get it to grow and be strong again. That is by making small promises to yourself daily and keeping them! The more consistently you do this, the more you will develop your will. And that will carry over into every area of your life, not just weight loss and health.

To begin, make the promises small and very doable. For instance promise yourself you will begin the day with at least 8 oz. of water. Keep that promise to yourself every day for at least a week or two. Don’t skip a day.Now as you continue to keep that promise, add another.

Choose another promise – perhaps taking the stairs up to your office instead of the elevator. Keep that small promise over time as well. You will soon see it spilling over into your finances, job and relationships – in a very positive way. Continue adding promises, and keeping them and you will begin to be able to add bigger ones.

You’ll begin to notice that your will is bulking up! It’s developing some definition much as your biceps or thigh muscles do when you consistently exercise them.When you begin to see yourself as trustworthy and worthy of good things, your life and health will begin to improve dramatically.

So can you trust your own word to yourself? If not, why do you think that is?

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