Healthy Living: Be Crabby and Embrace Change

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I was reading a beautiful Holy Land Moments devotional recently and the writer used the way a crab grows to make a spiritual point. As I read the devotional it spoke volumes to me about why some people have such a difficult time changing negative habits.

The difference between crabs, humans and most other animals is that while most of us grow in a uniform manner, crabs, because of their hard outer shells cannot. I look at my adorable little grandson and marvel at how he’s grown in these last 6 months. He’s grown taller, heavier, and his arms and legs have grown.

This isn’t true of crabs. Because of their hard outer shell, they stop growing once they reach a certain size. So in order to grow they essentially have to leave the old behind as they shed their outer shell, in order to grow a new, larger, better one.

That really highlighted something to me. Crabs know that in order to grow they have to leave what no longer fits them behind!

Talk about an aha moment! This absolutely relates to how we tend to resist change – even for the better. I’ve heard it said the only one who welcomes change is a wet baby and I think that is true. Change doesn’t come easily for most of us because even if we are not happy with where we are, there is comfort in the familiar. In letting go of the old, ineffective way of doing something, we have to be willing to embrace the new and unknown. And that is hard and frightening, even when it leads to what we are ultimately working toward.

We fear the unknown and tend to just settle for the status quo because it is comfortable. That is true whether you are trying to lose weight, lower blood sugar, cholesterol or just make better food choices. One of the ways to make change less frightening and easier is having someone support you and walk with you through those changes, until they become familiar and you have made them your new normal.

That is what I offer in my coaching plans. Instead of continuing to do what is not working and what you may even know is bad for you simply because you feel making the changes you desire is too hard, why not get some help, support, encouragement and accountability along the way? Who knows once you shed that old, hard shell, you may find a new, improved version of yourself!

What is stopping you from letting yourself grow?

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3 Responses to Healthy Living: Be Crabby and Embrace Change

  1. Holly Scherer says:

    Wonderful Analogy!

    What’s holding me back is ME! I’ve really been working on that on a deeper level this year. It’s a lot of beliefs and narratives I’m working to identify and work through. It’s a life long process, but I’m making progress, and that is ENOUGH!

    • amusico says:

      Oh Holly I think if we are honest we can all say that! And making progress is the whole point. I don’t know if we’ll ever fully “arrive” in this lifetime but moving in the right direction is what matters. Thank you as always for reading and your thoughtful comment.

      • Holly Scherer says:

        I agree – *IF* we’re honest. I also agree with never fully arriving – there are infinite rungs on the ladder. 😀

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