Health: Being the Salt of the Earth

Earlier this month I did several posts about how salt impacts physical health. I find it fascinating that what we’ve been told for years about salt being bad for you, causing high blood pressure, heart disease, making you thirsty and dehydrated are now being proven to be false!

As with all things, I believe quality is the key issue. For example, choosing the cleanest, high quality foods. Eating CAFO beef and grass-fed and finished beef are two very different things and will have dramatically different effects on your health. As I said in the previous posts, the quality of the salt you use is definitely very important.

I was thinking about the posts on salt and its health benefits. It made me think of the verse in Matthew where Jesus calls us the “salt of the earth.” I wanted to look at the parallels and find them quite powerful.

We know that sodium chloride (salt) is the only trace mineral found in every cell of the body and that life is not possible without it. It is critical for fluid and electrolyte balance. Salt was once considered so valuable it was used as currency! Roman soldiers were paid in salt. You’ve probably heard someone say a person is “worth their salt” and that comes from this meaning.

Salt adds flavor (not just “saltiness” to food if it is unprocessed) to our food. Each of us is created to add “flavor” to our world, to season our relationships, circumstances and conversations in our own unique way. We are to enhance everything and everyone we come in contact with and act as life-preserving agents! Our unique life experiences become our testimony to share with others and add our particular flavor to our relationships. The most important way I do this is by sharing the love of God to everyone I come in contact with.

Offering a smile, a kind word, encouragement, support and sharing someone’s sadness are all beautiful ways to be salt in the world.

Salt was and is still used as a cleansing agent for wounds. When someone has dental work done or has a sore throat, rinsing or gargling with salt water is still one of the best ways to kill germs and reduce infection. I think about being able to be a purifier in certain situations and conversations. If people are getting angry or negative, I can add my “salt” and attempt to turn the direction of the conversation.

Scripture also tells us that our speech is to be “gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.” Too much of anything is not good for you! Without water we will die, but drink too much too quickly and the same thing can happen! Too much salt in a dish and rather than be flavorful, it’s just salty and inedible. Knowing when to speak and when to be quiet and what to say and how to say it is another way we can be salt in the earth.

I don’t know about you but I enjoy thinking about these types of analogies for how we can be a positive influence in the world we live in. It’s an undervalued aspect of our purpose for being here. When you feel you have little to offer in a situation, try remembering that you are the salt of the earth and that’s more than you realize.

Are you the salt of the earth in your sphere of influence?

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4 Responses to Health: Being the Salt of the Earth

  1. debwilson2 says:

    Wonderful parallels, Ann. Thanks for connecting them for us!

  2. Holly Scherer says:

    Love the analogies, Ann!

    I try to be the salt, but sometimes I’m just salty!

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