Health: Gut Bacteria, Moods and Parasites

This summer was predicted to be one of the worst when it comes to tick borne diseases. When you think of ticks you automatically think of Lyme disease but there’s more than just that. Ticks carry not only bacterial diseases such as Lyme, but also viral illnesses like Powassan and parasitic diseases like babesiosis.

I wanted to share a personal experience here. Years ago my dad had been bitten by a tick and we didn’t know it. He experienced some very alarming symptoms. I remember him calling me on the phone and telling me it took him 30 minutes to figure out how to get into his car to drive it. Yes, he finally figured it out and drove! When he finished his errand and wanted to return home, he couldn’t remember how to physically get into the driver’s seat for about 20 minutes – again.

Obviously as he was in his early 80’s I was especially concerned. It turned out he had Lyme disease and once it was treated, thankfully he never had those cognitive issues again.

Recently my husband was bitten by a tick. He went to the doctor immediately and did the antibiotic treatment and went back in 30 days for a blood test. While we were waiting for the blood work results, he started having flu-like symptoms. We treated it as if it was a virus he caught and he began feeling better.

When the doctor called with his results she told us he had contracted babesiosis. This is a serious, malaria-like parasite that infects red blood cells. She prescribed more antibiotics and an anti-parasitic medication that really made him feel awful and messed up his stomach. But he stuck with it for the 10 days. He scheduled follow up blood work in 30 days.

What happened next is what I wanted to highlight. I noticed his moods were off. He was very quiet, very down and agitated. He just seemed angry all the time. I passed it off as just not feeling like himself and being on the medications. I should mention all throughout this time he still took his supplements, including probiotics because I know the antibiotics kill off good as well as bad bacteria and gut bacteria affect mood and brain function.

Well shortly after he finished the anti-parasitic medication, he had an emotional explosion! He was beyond angry, yelling and raging. What precipitated this outburst was so illogical it really put up huge red flags for me. He was so agitated and upset it was almost impossible to talk to him. But I asked him what was wrong with him and his response was, “I don’t know. I just know I’m not right.” When he calmed down a little he admitted that for the previous week he had just felt like fighting with everyone and had almost gotten into arguments in the gym and other places.

This was a Saturday and I couldn’t get in touch with his doctor so I researched babesiosis further and found some of the symptoms included emotional lability, depression and hyperesthesia (more sensitive to stimuli). I’d never heard the term “emotional lability” so I got the definition:

“In medicine and psychology, emotional lability is a sign or symptom typified by exaggerated changes in mood or affect in quick succession. Sometimes the emotions expressed outwardly are very different from how the person feels on the inside. These strong emotions can be a disproportionate response to something that happened, but other times there might be no trigger at all. The person experiencing emotional lability usually feels like they do not have control over the emotions.”

I share this because often we pay attention to the physical symptoms and overlook the emotional, not connecting them as being related as well.

In sharing this with my chiropractor she told me about a natural product called Lauricidin, which can only be purchased from health care professionals and suggested I get him on it immediately and keep him on it. I bought a container from her and he is taking it twice a day because even if his follow up blood work shows all is clear, this can still be resident in his tissues and this parasite can go into a dormant state for a period of time only to reawaken later. I look at it as preventive medicine.

This recent article on Dr. Axe’s website talks about a particular type of stevia that’s been proven effective against Lyme disease which I also found pretty interesting.

The bottom line is prevention. We use a natural bug repellent when doing yard work that I buy from Dr. Schulze (it smells very strong but it works!) and spray our sneakers and socks when walking on trails with a lavender based spray I originally got for my daughter’s dog. Evidently lavender is one of the scents ticks don’t like. Go figure!

My husband just got the results of the follow up blood work. The doctor said it shows this infection is now dormant, but we know it can resurface.  He is looking, acting and feeling like himself and he is staying on the Lauricidin indefinitely. Believe me a lot of prayer went up for him as well as the natural supplements and I have no doubt they had as much or more effect.

Have you ever had to deal with a tick borne disease? If so, have you experienced mood/brain issues?

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11 Responses to Health: Gut Bacteria, Moods and Parasites

  1. annieevadnesmith says:

    Great article as usual Ann. Thanks so much for such valued information. Bless you.

  2. Linda Alan says:

    Wow Ann this is crazy! Who knew that one big bite could do so much damage. I need to kick my prayers up a notch for you. Looks like the enemy knows God has something amazing coming up for you. Thank God you know about all this body stuff! You are so amazing! Not sure if I told you I am taking the Melt course in Sept. To be certified in hands and feet. Went home to So. Florida and worked on my family and best friend this past weekend. Had amazing results. God has really been speaking to me and I’m believing He will make a way for me to go home soon. He showed me last week that I have completed my assignments here hallelujah! !! Thanks for being such an amazing, godly woman, so thankful for you.💖💖💖

    • amusico says:

      Thank you my wonderful friend and how exciting that you are becoming a Melt practitioner! That is awesome. God bless you in your efforts to help yourself and others.

  3. Holly Scherer says:

    Wow! That is so scary. I’m happy to hear that he’s feeling better. You always bring new things into my awareness. I’ve been doing daily tick checks while out camping. This story will help me remember when ever I’m in the woods. Thanks for sharing and teaching with your heart! And prayers for good health and a full recovery for your husband!

    • amusico says:

      Oh Holly thank you for your prayers – they are much appreciated. It was very scary for both of us, but thankfully he is doing very well and and we have been made more aware of how serious something like this can be.

  4. Sarah M.C. says:

    Lyme disease is such a…the word escaped my mind. But I know what you are talking about. Some days my brain is spot on, but days like this I have a hard time pronouncing little words, or saying them incorrectly and not knowing it. Just today I meant to say “living” but it came out “knifing”. I didn’t realize it until my husband said something about it. I try to downplay it, but it’s happening more and more. I also have Bipolar II disorder that was exasperated after my first tick bite in 2011. It’s a hard, long road, but with a little luck and preseverance they will make it through it. ❤

    • amusico says:

      Oh I am sorry to hear you are struggling so. This is such a challenge but don’t get discouraged or give up. It is a long, difficult road but there is light at the end of the tunnel. God bless you.

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