Nutrition: What the Health Documentary

I have worked with people who have varied types of diets. While I don’t particularly like labels, I am what I consider a “qualitarian” – someone who eats animal products within a plant based diet, my overriding concern is food quality. I have known people in the past who felt their vegetarian or vegan diet was superior. However, they neglected to choose high quality foods so eating all plant foods that are genetically modified or full of pesticides or processed carb snacks is not healthy at all. In fact it defeats the purpose of trying to avoid what they consider “toxic” animal foods.

Don’t misunderstand, if you eat conventionally raised animal products, that isn’t providing the health benefits you desire either.

So when I create my meals, my top consideration is the quality of the foods I include. That’s step one. Of course there is more to a healthy diet than just that, but without that, no matter what you do, you will miss the mark.

There are so many confusing and contradictory reports about what really affects our health. Is it sugar? Fat? Meat? Gluten? Grains?

I’ve said many times in the past, whenever you read new research results that casts a certain food or food group in a negative light – first find the money trail behind it. Years ago the cereal industry funded research saying the cholesterol in eggs caused heart problems. Then we were fed margarine and told to avoid butter and saturated fats and eliminate eggs and salt and what happened? Heart disease increased. New research has proven just the opposite to be true. Eggs, saturated fat from properly raised animals and natural unprocessed salt do not cause heart disease.

The bottom line is to eat the highest quality real food (margarine isn’t real food!) you can find and afford.

That being said, I read about a documentary called “What the Health” in this article in Dr. Mercola’s newsletter. I won’t repeat all he says since you can read it for yourself, but the bottom line is that it seems to promote veganism as most of the experts involved in its creation are vegans.

If you are a vegan and find that diet suits you, that’s fine with me! However, when presenting information to the public, it needs to be balanced and unbiased, otherwise it is nothing more than a commercial for your opinions. That can end up being very dangerous, especially if, for example, your recommendation to someone with diabetes is to eat low fat, avoid all animal products but not restrict carbohydrates or sugar. That is a recipe for disaster.

With all the recent research, to say sugar doesn’t cause inflammation and carbs can’t make you fat is an incredible stretch of reality!

However, I am not telling you what to believe or what is true or not true. You can read the article and watch the documentary and come to your own conclusions. My goal in sharing this is not to get you to agree with me, but to make you aware that everything we are told by “experts” is far from unbiased or accurate and to provide both sides of the story so you can make an informed decision on your own.

How do you decide whether health information you read is true or not?

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6 Responses to Nutrition: What the Health Documentary

  1. Lori Yaw says:

    Great article! It helps to have someone looking into the details to help bring out truths! I like the “look for the money trail” as industry does not typically recommend things without a string attached! Thanks Ann!

  2. debwilson2 says:

    “whenever you read new research results that casts a certain food or food group in a negative light – first find the money trail behind it.” Ann, that is a sad truth! Thanks for opening our eyes.

  3. Holly Scherer says:

    I love this, Ann! I watched this documentary as I eventually watch all of them and it’s seriously SO CONFUSING!!! Animal products are good and animal products are bad. Daily wine is good, alcohol is bad. High carb, high fat, high protein … It’s impossible to sort through it all.

    When I was working on my July cycling goal I binge listened to the Found My Fitness podcast with Dr Rhonda Patrick and I learned something very important. Not even the experts have all of the answers. So I guess the best thing we can do is to pay attention to what does and doesn’t work for us individually.

    Very interesting!

    • amusico says:

      Exactly right Holly! We have to do our own research, go to sources we trust for information but the bottom line is you have to know yourself, listen to your body and make decisions based on what works best for you. My daughter in law is a vegetarian and while nursing the baby because of food sensitivities has gone pretty much vegan until she is finished nursing. It is working right now because he is thriving. I personally don’t think it’s a truly healthy diet but there are times we have to do what we have to do. No one has all the answers. No one. And you should always make your own decisions based on what works for you. Thanks for your support Holly.

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