Nutrition: Another Reason to Keep it Real

If you read this blog or my weekly No-Nonsense Nutrition Report you know I constantly recommend you focus your diet – regardless of how you choose to structure it – on fresh, whole, real one-ingredient foods. By that I am referring to foods that are ingredients, not ones that have ingredients listed on a package.

Well I came across this article on what is called the “Impossible Burger.” Evidently it is a plant-based burger product that has a taste and texture very much like the real thing, right down to the “blood.” It is being marketed as benefitting the environment and our health. If you avoid animal foods and are excited about the possibility of a better quality plant-based product, what you need to understand is what makes this product so much closer to a real burger?

Those qualities come from an ingredient produced by a genetically engineered yeast, soy-leghemoglobin. While it is true that soy-leghemoglobin is a natural substance found in the roots of soybean plants, what is used in these burgers is made in a lab, so not so natural after all. Genetically engineered anything raises red flags for me and this definitely doesn’t sound appetizing in the least. Even more alarming is the fact that this ingredient has not yet been consumed by people and there is no proof that it is safe to eat. This, of course, is not deterring the company manufacturing it from moving forward with the burger.

While the FDA has expressed concern over the safety, Impossible Foods is still allowed to sell it to unsuspecting consumers.

You can read the article above for more details but my purpose in sharing this is to alert you to what is out there and to urge you to always look further into any “new” exciting food products to be sure they truly are food!

I just wonder why we are always trying to improve on the perfect food God created to begin with.

What are your thoughts about the Impossible Burger?

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7 Responses to Nutrition: Another Reason to Keep it Real

  1. debwilson2 says:

    Ann, I wish labels had to tell when something is not real or authentic. Thanks for the warning. My husband is vegetarian, so I’m glad you’ve alerted us to look out for this.

  2. Holly Scherer says:

    It’s an interesting subject. I went to a talk last week by a brother and sister who started a vegan butcher shop. They were talking about a vegan ribeye. I don’t get it, when I eat vegan meals, fake meat is the last thing I want. But I’m also not vegan so I see how they might miss steak.

    We can’t deny that most people who eat animal products are eating more than is healthy for them. And that these animals are being raisied in unethical ways that are harmful not only to the animals but the people consuming them. It’s also impacting the environment.

    Richard Branson invested in a company that’s making lab produced meat, which will be interesting to watch play out.

    It’s a complicated topic with so many facets to consider. At the end of the day, consumers decide what ends up on the shelves. All we can do is try to educate ourselves to make the best decisions for our personal health by reading things like your blog.

    It’s always irritating to me to learn what slides with the FDA. You would think our health and safety were there number one concern. Unfortunately, it’s not.

    • amusico says:

      You’re so right Holly – it is an interesting, complicated and irritating subject all at once! My daughter in law has been a vegetarian for a long time – she is basically eating vegan while she nurses Carter because of how he was reacting to eggs, dairy and actually gluten. She has been looking for a vegan cheese because she really misses pizza (even on a gluten free crust!). I found one that was supposed to be good but I didn’t try it myself and have never had vegan anything. I happened to find a good one finally – she said if you’ve never had real cheese or yogurt you might think the vegan version is good but she didn’t like any she tried. As for creating “vegan meat” – I still feel if God didn’t make it and they are not treating the animals ethically and the meat is clean and healthy for us to eat – then why try to make something that wasn’t meant to be made? Just my opinion. If you are giving up animal products – why try and make fake ones? I always appreciate your thoughts Holly.

      • Holly Scherer says:

        That must be so frustrating for your daughter in law. I tried their vegan cheese at the event and I thought it tasted like tofu and had the same thought your daughter in law did – they only way this would taste like cheese is if I’ve never had cheese.

        I agree with you on the real food. If I’m eating a veggie burger, it’s homemade from real food and it’s not supposed to taste like a beef burger.

      • amusico says:

        Absolutely Holly!

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