Mindset and Health: Flipping the Switch

It truly is amazing how powerfully your mindset can influence your physical health. It can either bolster or undermine your physical and mental health. Let me give you a personal example. I know the power of our thoughts and words and am careful to speak what I want to see, not a problem that may be happening.

Recently I had been thinking (not speaking about – just thinking!) about a situation concerning one of my children. I am usually quick to take control of any anxious or worried thoughts but I didn’t do that this time. Instead of committing the situation to prayer, over the course of about two days I was constantly focusing on this issue, running it through my mind over and over. Internally, I was becoming more anxious over it.

The third day I noticed my throat began feeling a bit scratchy. I honestly never get sick and can be in a room full of people with colds and flu and never catch it. But I knew something was definitely brewing. When I stopped to pay attention I realized I had effectively depressed my own immune system with those negative thoughts!

I immediately spoke words of faith over myself, tapped on those worried, anxious thoughts and also began doing the things in the natural I know to do and within a day or two it was resolved.

But it definitely reminded me how important factors like stress, thinking and what you say and believe are to physical health. Scientifically it is called epigenetics. I’ve written before on this topic and how we are not slaves to our genes. It is the expression of your genes that can cause you to develop certain diseases. And factors like diet, stress, exercise, rest, relationships and thoughts all influence whether a disease gene is turned on or switched off.

I have learned that it is not the physical, mental and emotional stresses that impact your health but how you respond to them. Often if we have had a chaotic or abusive childhood or early life, even later in life that can be influencing our present health. We store memories in our cells and whenever a similar emotion triggers them we experience the effects all over again.

This is why it is important to find effective ways to deal with stored negative cellular memories, present fears and worries and concerns about the future. I have tried many different methods. My first course is always prayer. I have learned to combine that with tapping and found it to be even more effective. That is why I use biblically based tapping for myself, my family and with clients.

Do you remember a time when your emotions or thoughts precipitated a physical illness?

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3 Responses to Mindset and Health: Flipping the Switch

  1. Holly Scherer says:

    Wow, our minds are powerful. I can get sucked into those cycles of anxiety too. I’ve always been that way so it’s hard to catch. Glad to hear that you quickly turned it around! Take good care Ann.

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