Nutrition: Watch Out for These

You wouldn’t be able to tell these apples are genetically engineered just by looking because they are not marked as such.

Arctic Apples, right now available in the Midwest and sold in 10 oz. bags, have been genetically engineered to resist browning when cut or bruised. The thinking evidently is that these sliced, non-browning apples can be sold in vending machines. So much for the purpose of eating real, fresh fruit!

What bothers me more than anything else is the fact that they are not labeled as genetically modified. An unsuspecting consumer who may not want to eat anything genetically engineered could buy these and never realize that fact. It’s inherently dishonest and deceptive. Unfortunately, not surprising, though.

So I just wanted to bring this to your attention in case you didn’t read about it and be aware there will most likely be more products introduced in the market without clear labeling. So the safest thing is to stick with organic. This would be especially true when you are unsure of the origin of a food.

What are your feelings about unlabeled, genetically engineered foods being sold in the market?

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About amusico

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6 Responses to Nutrition: Watch Out for These

  1. Holly Scherer says:

    I really love when you share this news Ann, because I don’t have time to keep up with all of this. I believe that there are real concerns with eating GMOs. A long term study in Europe found that the chemicals used in GMO corn caused breast tumors in rats. We have enough environmental toxins in our lives that we can’t control. So I take the things I can control seriously. Whole Foods does an excellent job labeling GMOs. I hope that as they grow, these practices will become the standard in the industry. As far as apples go, we follow EWGs guides and only buy organic apples. And we finally figured out how to grow beautiful organic apples in our yard. Thanks again for the heads up!

    • amusico says:

      Thanks Holly. You are WAY ahead of most people in that first of all you know apples are one of the most pesticide laden fruits and you now grow your own which is even better! You made a profound statement: We have enough environmental toxins we can’t control so we best that the things we can control seriously. I always appreciate your input my friend.

  2. Lori Yaw says:

    Thank you Ann, i do not know how folks can get away with not labeling. There should be a big bright pink or yellow label! I would like things better labeled.

  3. debwilson2 says:

    Ann, it bothers me that they are allowed to tamper with our food and not label it and they are so strict with things that don’t matter. I appreciate your keeping us informed!

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