Nutrition: Impact of Sugar on Good Bacteria

If you typically have a cold glass of orange juice first thing before eating breakfast, you may want to rethink that habit. Juices, particularly fruit juices, are very high in inflammatory sugars and contain none of the fiber of fresh fruit which slows the absorption of those sugars. Twelve ounces of orange juice have 165 calories and 33 grams of sugar and 12 ounces of Coke has 36 grams of sugar and 140 calories. The orange juice has up to 14 grams of fructose while Coke as 15 or 16 grams. So much for a healthy start to the day.

The fructose that fruit juice contains quickly reaches the small intestine. In the mornings, the small intestine can’t process large amounts of fructose after periods of “fasting,” which means the sugar in drinks like orange juice will go to the large intestine instead. There, the fructose comes into contact with the good bacteria that reside there overwhelming your digestive system and disrupting the balance of your gut bacteria.

According to a recent study, over 90% of fructose is digested in the small intestine, which can process fructose, but only when it is consumed after a meal. They concluded that feeding mice before giving them sugar enhanced the small intestine’s ability to process fructose, protecting the microbiome from the damage due to sugar exposure.

So, the bottom line is: if you insist on orange juice (or any high sugar or fructose food or drink) never consume it on an empty stomach.

How do you typically “break your fast” every morning? What is the first thing you consume?

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5 Responses to Nutrition: Impact of Sugar on Good Bacteria

  1. Lori Yaw says:

    WOW! This is crazy! How many people start the morning with juice, my husband being one! The world always said juice was good in the morning. Not soo…. Thanks Ann!

  2. vietnamtravelandculture says:

    Reblogged this on Vietnam Travel & Trade Portal .

  3. Debbie W. Wilson says:

    I grew up drinking orange juice for breakfast. Isn’t it funny what we were taught is healthy. I drink water first thing every morning now. And I follow that with a smoothie later in the morning. That way I get the fiber and juice. When I travel, OJ is always served for breakfast. I try to avoid it and eat a banana instead.

    • amusico says:

      I think we all did Debbie. I do the same thing as you – I start with water with salt in it every morning. And it’s amazing how much energy that gives me. I always appreciate hearing from you.

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