Heart Health: Watch Out for This New Drug

Statin drugs to lower cholesterol are nothing new. They are actually one of the biggest money makers on the market. The use of statins increased from 18 to 26%, making them most commonly used cholesterol-lowering drugs. By 2011-12, 93% of adults using a cholesterol-lowering medication used a statin.

There is a new drug being prescribed now called Praluent. It is what is called a biologic. Pharmacist Ben Fuchs calls these types of drugs “Biology’s versions of seek and destroy missiles.” The most common of these types of drugs are used for rheumatoid arthritis – Enbrel and Humira. I’m sure you’ve seen commercials for them on TV.

While statins block an enzyme called HMG CoA Reductase that the liver uses to make cholesterol, Praluent targets a protein, PCSK9, which controls how much cholesterol is removed from the blood and stored into cells. When your body does this naturally, that protein controls how much cholesterol is removed so there is a proper balance between how much is circulating in your blood and how much is stored in cells. The drug, however, doesn’t have any way of maintaining a healthy balance.

While it definitely lowers cholesterol – according to some estimates by as much as 60% – its ability to reduce heart attacks and strokes has not been proven. So what’s the point?

Numerous recent studies have proven that cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease.

Cholesterol plays a vital part in maintaining the integrity and health of brain and nerve cells. God created our bodies to produce it in case we don’t get enough from food because it is critical to health. It seems to me that artificially lowering it isn’t keeping us healthier. Despite all these “wonder” drugs, heart disease is on the rise. It is, however, making billions of dollars for pharmaceutical companies.

At least 10% of people on statins experience serious side effects including muscle pain, liver damage and increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Patients treated with this new cholesterol drug had higher rates of joint and limb pain, Arthralgia, headache, limb pain and fatigue, injection-site reactions, including redness, itching and swelling. Most troubling were the negative effects on the brain, which included confusion and memory loss.

I share this information because often we don’t read about these new drugs and all too often the negative aspects are not explained to us clearly.

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4 Responses to Heart Health: Watch Out for This New Drug

  1. Holly Scherer says:

    Thanks, Ann. It sounds like a winner until you explain the side effects.

  2. debwilson2 says:

    “While it definitely lowers cholesterol – according to some estimates by as much as 60% – its ability to reduce heart attacks and strokes has not been proven. So what’s the point?” Ann, that says it all. Thanks for another informative article.

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