Digestion: Could Antacids Put You at Risk

There is something that many people take on a daily basis that could be putting them at increased risk for COVID-19 and other viruses as well as liver and kidney damage, pneumonia, C. difficile, muscle wasting and other serious conditions. And the truly upsetting thing for me is that there are very effective, natural alternatives that could be used instead.

I am talking about PPI’s – proton pump inhibitors. So many people are diagnosed with acid reflux, chronic indigestion and GERD and are put on these drugs, often indefinitely. Most people don’t realize these drugs were designed to be taken for no more than eight weeks when first approved by the FDA, even though they are often used long-term despite their well-documented risks.

Upon analyzing the data from over 80,000 people, researchers found that people taking PPIs once a day had more than twice the risk of contracting COVID-19 than those who didn’t. For those taking PPIs twice a day, they had more than three times the risk of contracting COVID-19 than those not on the drugs.

The researchers believe the drugs cause hypochlorhydria, a low level of stomach acid, which impairs the body’s ability to defend against ingested bacteria and viruses. In one study, once-daily PPI use “increased the odds for enteric infection by 33%.”

The acid in our stomach digests our food but it is also one line of defense against viruses and bacteria so completely shutting it down is not a good idea. Especially since there are natural alternatives to these drugs.

Do you use PPIs or acid reducing drugs regularly?

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14 Responses to Digestion: Could Antacids Put You at Risk

  1. friedmanrobin says:

    Thank you Anne,

    Always so helpful! What healthy alternatives would you recommend? Or is it just an overall diet change?

    • amusico says:

      Robin thanks for reading and your comment. It depends on the person but typically people who have acid reflux have too little acid, not too much. It is just ending up in the wrong place. There are dietary changes that are helpful, some people have food sensitivities they have to figure out and resolve and taking HCL in a very specific way to determine whether you have low stomach acid (which becomes more common as we age and if you eat a lot of processed foods), and digestive enzymes. There are some other supplements that are helpful in healing the esophagus as well.

  2. I don’t use them daily, or even weekly, but I do take Immodium(tm) and Tagamet(tm) from time to time when intestinal distress finds its way into my life. I will click at look more at your natural approaches to ease those symptoms though. Thank you Ms. Ann.

  3. Holly Scherer says:

    WOW! I wonder if it’s the PPIs themselves or a combination of that and the general health and lifestyle of the person that double the risk? That’s a terrifying statistic.

    Jer and I were discussing pills yesterday because both of our allergies were acting up. Neither of us has taken allergy medication in over a decade and both of our allergies have gotten less severe. Jer used to get tight in the chest around cats. And now they barely bother him. Not sure why this is, but it’s interesting.

    The other point I was trying to make was that I don’t want to cover my body’s signals. I feel like these things (indigestion for instance) are warning signals. And as you addressed last week, they should guide us to the issue, rather than just simply covering up the symptom.

    I always enjoy learning from you!

    • amusico says:

      Thank you Holly and thank you for sharing your experience. I have seen in many instances that allergies like that seem to lessen with time and exposure. My son in law is sensitive to dog dander. They have a dog and Mari doesn’t bother him but when he is at his mom’s house around their dog and friends’ dogs, he notices the allergy symptoms. He tried a natural allergy med I use for my husband at the beginning of the spring when he seems to notice those issues and it worked really well for him. I agree with you about not covering up symptoms – that is definitely your body’s way of trying to tell you something.

      • Holly Scherer says:

        Out of curiosity, what do you use for a natural allergy remedy? I tried one from the Chiro but didn’t notice a difference? There are those days when I want to scratch my eyes out where something like that could come in handy.

      • amusico says:

        I have used Dr. Shen Allergy which I get from Vitacost for years for him and it helps a lot. It’s natural so it’s 3 pills every 4 or 6 hours as needed. My son in law uses a prescription med during certain times of the year. They had dropped their dog off for us to watch about a month ago – they were visiting friends who have 2 dogs and he forgot to take his med. I gave him 3 of these and he was surprised at how quickly they worked and how well. They just don’t last as long as the prescription med. Here’s the link so you can look at it: https://www.vitacost.com/dr-shens-formula-a-min-kan-wan-allergy-pill?ta=Dr.+Shen+Allergy&t=Dr.+Shen+Allergy

      • Holly Scherer says:

        Thanks, Ann. I’ll definitely hold on to this. I prefer to not take anything, but some years are more unbearable and I’d definitely give it a shot.

      • amusico says:

        I hear you Holly. I routinely include quercetin for other health benefits but it’s also great for allergy symptoms. I just keep the Allergy stuff in the house and he only needs to use it for very short periods when certain things are blooming.

  4. Thanks for your great information. We all appreciate your information. Keep posting these kind of nice blog…

  5. What could be the herbal solution to get rid of stomach acidity?

    • amusico says:

      You actually don’t want to “get rid of it” since it digests your food, especially protein, and is your first line of defense against bacteria and viruses. Quite often when people have indigestion or GERD it is because they have too little stomach acid rather than too much. Being overweight can contribute to these symptoms, wearing tight clothes, eating too close to bedtime and laying down too soon after eating.

      While I can’t diagnose or recommend any specific things since I don’t know your particular issues – whether you are on any meds, etc. I can tell you to be sure to eat your last meal of the day at least 3 hours before bedtime so that you have ample time to digest before going to bed. If you need to lose some weight, this is a good time to do that. Visit my website and I can help as I have a weight loss program. A simple and safe thing to use would be digestive enzymes with your meal to help with digestion as will taking a good probiotic. Also chewing a couple of DGL tablets before meals may also be helpful and is very safe.

      I hope this helps.

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