Maybe You’re Just Hungry


I happened to read a scripture recently and saw it in a distinctly different way. I was reading 1 Kings 19 and in the first verses Elijah had just been threatened by Queen Jezebel and was running for his life. He actually was discouraged, depressed and at the end of his rope. He actually prayed to die!!

What caught my attention when I read it this time was that twice, God sent an angel and encouraged him to eat, drink and sleep! During this past year when we have all had so much more stress than usual this really jumped out at me.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that no matter what the problem is, all you need is a good meal, a glass of water and a nap. If only life was that simple. But what I am saying is that sometimes we need to do something to change our perspective and often eating a healthy meal, or drinking some water or a soothing cup of tea and resting can help us better deal with what we are facing.

Choosing good, real, clean food is important. If you default to cookies or a candy bar, it will only cause a sugar crash and you’ll feel worse rather than better. You can’t even process emotions effectively if you are dehydrated, so staying hydrated is definitely helpful in more ways than one. And sometimes you just need to unplug and take a nap!

So I guess my overall message is – listen to your body. Take time to give yourself what you need. Sometimes it could just be as simple as that.

How do you change your perspective when you realize you are going down a negative path?

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4 Responses to Maybe You’re Just Hungry

  1. Amen! What I need versus what I want. And when I recognize (often God has to show me) what I need, I still have to make the time to consume it. That’s one of my many faults. “I don’t have time right now, grab something quick while I perform these other six tasks.” Instead, I need to sit, enjoy something healthy and nourishing, and take time to digest properly. I need to do that with meals too. 🙂

  2. Holly Scherer says:

    So much wisdom!

    No matter what life throws at me, I’m always amazed by how much better I feel after a good night of rest.

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