Surprising Stress Reliever

For many years now the very first thing I do every morning after scraping my tongue and rinsing my mouth, is to drink 16 oz of water with ¼ tsp of Himalayan Crystal salt. It hydrates me after a long overnight fast and is my way of getting the first part of my salt allotment for the day. I’ve written quite a few blog posts about the benefits of salt and water. You can read a few here:

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So, as you can tell, I am totally convinced of the benefits of natural, unprocessed salt. However, this was new information I had never heard before. Biohacker, Dave Asprey, recommends having Himalayan salt in water first thing in the morning to shortcircuit stress. He explained:

The stress hormone cortisol (which affects blood pressure and sugar as well as inflammation) is at its peak when you wake up in the morning. Its purpose is to wake you up and give you the energy to get things going. This is how the body is created to work. Unfortunately all too many people are chronically stressed so they are living with elevated cortisol levels constantly, which is damaging. For all too many people this causes them to feel especially agitated and anxious in the morning.

Apparently “morning anxiety” is a thing. I had no idea.

According to Asprey, a little salt in your morning water potentially lowers cortisol levels enough to let you get the benefit of an energy boost without the anxiety. Studies have shown that increasing salt intake lowers cortisol levels.

Obviously, more is not necessarily better – so you don’t need a huge amount, and quality matters. Table salt will not give you the same result. Choose a high quality, natural, unprocessed salt like Himalayan Crystal, Celtic sea or Redmond that have the full complement of minerals, not just sodium. It just might help you feel calmer throughout the day. It’s a simple thing to do, so why not give it a try? We can all use more calm right about now.

How do you feel about a bit of natural salt in your water to combat anxiety?

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6 Responses to Surprising Stress Reliever

  1. You know I’m going to have to try this don’t you Ms. Ann​? And I always thought salt was “bad for me” and the cause of my high blood pressure? Perhaps too, I understand why my aches and pains are worse in the morning. Thank you for your enlightening post today ma’am.

    • amusico says:

      It’s surprising, J.D., I know but actually as long as it is natural, unprocessed salt and not processed, white table salt, your body actually needs it! And most people are dehydrated and don’t even realize it. Thank you as always for reading, commenting and sharing.

  2. Holly Scherer says:

    Interesting stuff about morning anxiety! I’ve tried salt in my water after one of your previous posts but now I’m curious about trying it again in my first water of the day. Did I miss if he said a minimum amount to get the benefits?

  3. annieevadnesmith says:

    Hi Ann.. Thank you so much for always giving me information pertaining to my health. I was always told that salt is not good for my blood pressure. I will try this immediately.
    Just want to say that many of my female family members and friends have been complimenting me on how good I look at age 70 (which was on February 15th) I told them I owe it all to you.. my Christian Holistic Health & Fitness Coach….A few of them have expressed some interest and I am encouraging them to contact you. After all, we both want women to live well so they can model health and wholeness – spirit, soul and body. Blessings. Love always!

    • amusico says:

      Oh Evadne thank you! And you are a beautiful woman, inside and out. God’s grace radiates from you. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and sister in the Lord. Love and blessings to you and your family – always!!

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