Oral Health: A Surprising Supplement

I have done other blog posts and newsletters on why oral health is so important and how to improve yours. Your oral health (teeth and gums) affects the rest of your body. While things like brushing and flossing, choosing clean, effective products without flouride, oil pulling, using an oral probiotiic, eating a clean, whole food diet and avoiding added sugars are basic, I came across some research about a supplement that I hadn’t heard before.

I recommend taking plenty of vitamin C, especially if you have gum issues or bleeding gums as your body is crying out for more.

However, I recently saw research on how adequate vitamin D to keep teeth strong, maintaining gum and bone health as well as the mouth’s immune response. Vitamin D is critical in tooth mineralization by helping the body absorb and use calcium and phosphate, which strengthen the enamel and help with dentin formation.

Vitamin D promotes the integrity of the periodontium, the gums and bone that support and surround your teeth. The periodontium is very important as it not only protects the teeth from oral bacteria but also attaches the roots of the teeth to the bone and gums. This was of special interest to me as I have had gum issues in the past.

Yet one more reason to make sure your vitamin D levels are optimized!

Do you take vitamin D daily and do you know your levels?

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About amusico

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4 Responses to Oral Health: A Surprising Supplement

  1. Holly Scherer says:

    Vitamin D is the miracle pill! I love the information you dig up to share with us. Thank you kindly, Ann!

  2. JD Wininger says:

    Take Vitamins C and D3 each day, keeping my levels at the upper end of the normal range to help boost immunity. Great info to know. A little too late for this old fella, but great info to know. Praying it helps others in their health decision-making.

    • amusico says:

      I have come to this realization the hard way myself having had gum issues most of my adult life. Thankfully, I have been able to stop further damage and taking vitamins C and D3 daily is also a non-negotiable for me too my friend.

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