Posture: Why it Matters

Posture is so much more than looking good. How you stand and sit affects your health in ways you may not have realized. Good posture helps reduce anxiety, improves concentration and mood and according to studies, plays a significant role in our ability to problem solve. Think about it, when we stand or sit up straight, our shoulders and back relax and then our mind can begin to align with that. There have been TED talks about how posture changes our attitude and how we see ourselves!

Breathing becomes easier with good posture. My dad developed a very slouched forward position over the years and he had great difficulty breathing. When we slouch, we compress our lungs and stomach, including the diaphragm, making breathing more shallow and difficult which results in less oxygen getting to the blood.. Simply by standing up straight, oxygenation can be increased by as much as 30%.

Sitting with back curved, neck forward, we crunch up our stomachs and intestines into the thoracic cavity which stops the digestive system’s natural flow and can lead to acid reflux and constipation. Good posture allows digestion to function smoothly.

When the spine is properly aligned, unnecessary pressure comes off our joints and bones decreasing the normal wear and tear on joints in the neck, shoulders, low back and hips and reducing aches and pains.

In case you are not sure what good posture looks like your chin should be parallel to the floor, shoulders back and relaxed; a natural line from the top of your head to your hips while keeping the natural curve of your spine. When standing your weight should be evenly distributed on both feet and your abdominal muscles should be pulled in to support your core and low back.

Do you have good posture? Are you aware of your posture as you go through your day?

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About amusico

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8 Responses to Posture: Why it Matters

  1. JD Wininger says:

    Agree wholeheartedly. Good posture makes a world of difference. Especially at the end of the day, after you’ve spent hours sitting at a desk, etc. It’s also better for spinal and mental health I think. When I’m slouched over, trying to push through a paragraph or page, I find also that if I get up and go for a short walk, I’m able to think more clearly and work more effectively. More on how good posture and form (when bending and lifting – especially as I’m getting older and it’s becoming more difficult) would be helpful too. Thanks Ms. Ann.

  2. Holly Scherer says:

    I have to admit I have terrible posture. Always have. And have always wanted to improve it, but I rarely think about it unless I see something about posture or have pain from ignoring my posture. I need to think about this because I’d love for it to be better, but I need to find an easy way to start and keep it top of mind. Thanks again for weekly reminders about the little things we often forget about.

    • amusico says:

      Well I’m happy the post was a good reminder. I have this picture of my little 90 year old Giagia with perfect posture always
      in the back of my mind since of think of her almost daily and it always reminds me to pull my shoulders back lol.

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