Health: Momentum Begins With One Step

Recently I was reminded of something I heard Joyce Meyer say years ago. She shared about how she was afraid to step out and make a choice in a particular area because she didn’t want to do the wrong thing. What she heard God tell her was that He can’t steer a parked car. He told her to take a step and if it’s the wrong one, He is more than able to correct her and would get her back on the right track.

That speaks volumes to me about improving health and making healthier changes. So many times I have worked with clients who are uncertain about what the best course of action is to improve their particular situation. Even after consulting with them and providing options, they may still be unsure and afraid to commit to a specific action. All too often they experience “analysis paralysis” and end up doing nothing. They become that parked car.

What I try to explain and encourage is that they choose just one small step. I call them baby steps. I don’t care how small it is, just take that one small step. It doesn’t even matter whether they think it will make a difference or not. If they will just take that one tiny step, that forward action creates momentum, which then leads to the next step, and the next and the car is in gear and moving!

As they continue just taking these tiny, but powerful, baby steps, their path then becomes clear. But that clarity is only revealed when they are willing to take that very first little step.

Are you in park or ready to take even the smallest baby step forward?

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About amusico

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8 Responses to Health: Momentum Begins With One Step

  1. JD Wininger says:

    Such an inspiring post my friend, on so many levels. I’m reminded of the old saying, “The longest journey begins with the first step.” I’m also reminded of the Infantry motto from many years ago, “I am infantry, queen of battle. Follow me!” Thanks for leading the way. I see you looking over your shoulder with a broad smile, motioning us with your arm to “move forward”! Have a great week my friend.

    • amusico says:

      That blesses me so much! Thank you. I am happy that the post was inspiring – that is my hope – to inspire people to just take
      that one, small, first step. As always, you are a blessing my friend.

  2. Holly Scherer says:

    This is everything!

    I spent most of my life terrified to take the next step because I was afraid I’d fail. And then at some point, I became more afraid of staying stuck and not trying. The good news is that the more I put myself out there, the easier it became. I hope the trend continues.

    Thank you for the wise words and beautiful reminder.

  3. Karen H. says:

    Great post, and so true, Ann! Thank you for your guidance and encouragement over the years. My small steps have become big strides in celebrating healthy nutrition and lifestyle.

  4. Debbie Wilson says:

    Ann, I’ve found that to be true in many areas of my life. Great encouragement.

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