Health: Freedom to Make Good Choices

As we here in the US are celebrating our country’s Independence Day, I wanted to take a moment to just apply that concept of freedom to our health choices. I have written before about the importance of making the right choices but what I wanted to focus on, briefly, today is how important it is that we take full advantage of this amazing freedom we have.

There are two scriptures I often share with clients about the changes they may be considering and how to approach them.

1 Corinthians 6:l2 in The Passion Translation: “It’s true that our freedom allows us to do anything, but that doesn’t mean that everything we do is good for us. I’m free to do as I choose, but I choose to never be enslaved to anything.”

1 Corinthians 10:23 in the NIV: “I have the right to do anything, you say – but not everything is beneficial. I have the right to do anything – but not everything is constructive.”

We are free to eat ice cream and cookies for breakfast and pizza for dinner every night. You are still free to choose to eat the foods you love. The questions to ask are whether they are helping or hurting you and whether you are enslaved to them.

People will tell me they just crave candy, or french fries, or Oreos, or potato chips and they just have to have them. If you feel unable to not have them, I think it’s fair to say you have allowed that habit to enslave you.

You still have a choice. It may be more difficult when you first choose not to eat that food that is calling your name. But it will get easier. I always look at it this way – who is in control: my body and appetite or the real me inside? It’s just like disciplining your child or even a pet. It takes much repetition before it becomes easier and a habit. Your body is no different. But it all begins with choosing to be in control and not be controlled.

Do you feel you have some foods or habits that control you instead of the other way around?

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7 Responses to Health: Freedom to Make Good Choices

  1. JD Wininger says:

    Well said Ms. Ann. From a spiritual perspective, I know that the sins of my past has been forgiven and I will not pay the penalty of those things I’ve done. Yet, I lament that some of those things may have prevented others from seeking a true saving relationship with Christ Jesus. From a physical, human perspective, I am also very aware how the decisions I make each day (what I eat, drink, do, etc.) can impact both my near and long-term health. What powerful truths you speak into our lives today ma’am. God’s blessings.

  2. Debbie Wilson says:

    Ann, it is easy to become. enslaved to certain foods and bad habits. Then we’ve lost our freedom. Hope your family enjoyed the Fourth.

  3. Holly Scherer says:

    Absolutely, I sometimes allow a habit to enslave me.

    I’ve been thinking about that a lot this year. Every adult in the family I grew up in is obese. I’ve been thinking about how they eat and what they eat–shoveling in fatty, sugary, processed foods until they’re “stuffed.” This is what I learned. But it’s not just them. I think that it’s a big part of our culture–eat too much, drink too much, sit too much… So rather than breaking bad habits, I’ve been focusing on learning a new way of being. That’s been a great source of freedom for me this year!

    • amusico says:

      Holly you are awesome! I think we’ve all had certain habits we learned that at some point enslaved us. Being aware and doing
      something intentional to change that is huge and your suggestion of learning a new way of being is right on target! We have the freedom to do that – if we so choose! Are you familiar with Dr. Joe Dispenza? He has an awesome book titled Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. I am rereading it right now!

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