Diet Timing: More Powerful Than You Realize

I have shared on the benefits of intermittent fasting numerous times. Here are links to newsletters I’ve done on the subject:

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What I wanted to share today is a new study that found 90% of study participants who did a 3-month intermittent fasting program, even those who were taking blood sugar lowering meds or insulin, reduced their diabetes medication dosage. If that isn’t exciting enough, 55% went into complete remission, which is defined as A1c below 6.5, and were able to discontinue medications for at least one year.

I am certainly not telling anyone to stop their meds or to begin intermittent fasting. I realize it isn’t necessarily right for everyone. We are all metabolically unique individuals. However, I did want to share this because it highlights that we have much more power and control than we often realize.

Do you practice intermittent fasting?

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8 Responses to Diet Timing: More Powerful Than You Realize

  1. JD Wininger says:

    Always enjoy learning Ms. Ann. The benefits makes it worth a try at least.

  2. Debbie W. Wilson says:

    So interesting. All our systems need breaks it seems. Thanks, Ann.

  3. Holly Scherer says:

    Intermittent fasting has been a game changer for me! I’d never go back. Have you read The Longevity Diet my Dr Valter Longo? I hope I spelled that right.

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