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Healthy and Healthy for You are Two Different Things

If you go on ten different health or weight loss websites, you are likely to find ten different approaches to achieving your goal. One may stress that going vegetarian or vegan is the best diet. Someone else may recommend an … Continue reading

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Healthy Changes: Can you Trust Yourself?

In my book, Today’s the Day 7 Week Fitness Plan, and my coaching program, I talk about exercising as it applies to your body, spirit and soul (mind, will and emotions). What I want to focus on in this post … Continue reading

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Overall Health: What is Gluten and Why Should You Consider Avoiding It – Part 1

Everywhere you look there are new gluten free products, articles and books like Grain Brain and Wheat Belly touting the benefits of cutting gluten out of your diet. But maybe you aren’t sold just yet. Fair enough. So for today’s … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: Selfish or Sensible?

Do you feel that putting yourself or your health first is selfish? Or sensible? I am not advocating being a “me-first” type of person who never thinks about anyone else! Far from it. But one important lesson I have learned … Continue reading

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Health: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Having a health crisis really highlights the fact that no matter how self-reliant, independent and capable you consider yourself to be, there will be times when you must rely on other people – plain and simple. As a mom, one … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: 3 Body Systems to Rejuvenate for a Healthy, Long Life

Health can seem like a very complicated matter with all the new information and discoveries we learn on a daily basis. When things get too complicated we all tend to become overwhelmed and frustrated which leads to most people throwing … Continue reading

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Healthy Brain and More: Go Nuts – Walnuts That Is

Here’s a delicious, crunchy way to improve your brain health and possibly prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s according to a study in the Journal of Alzheimers Disease. Watch the 30 second video below: Walnuts have omega 3 fats and antioxidants that … Continue reading

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