Client Testimonials

You are a blessing to so many people in the Kingdom.  Your health advice has blessed people globally.  The Lord has anointed your cutting edge knowledge.  Thank you for caring about other people so much.  Thank you for being a leader.

Today’s the Day” 7-Week Fitness Plan:

Linda Alan says: “Wanted to share with you what the Lord showed me this morning as I was preparing for work. Last year I went to the gym for 5 weeks, then used the program Dr. Oz had on line for free for 3 months, logged all my food, counted calories, exercised 3 times a week and it took me 4 months to lose 7 lbs. With your knowledge , prayers and expertise I have lost those 7 lbs in 4 weeks! Truly you are a gift and blessing from God to me.

Ercilla says“Thank you for a wonderful 7 weeks, today I am down 14 lbs. I feel awesome! Even though I am not at my target weight yet (17 lbs to go) I want to tell you that I feel like I am in the best shape of my life. I eat healthy, my soul is getting healthy and I am conscious of the things that are toxic to my body and soul. Thank you for that and thank you for being such and wonderful guide on this first part of my journey! I have indeed learned so much about myself and my body. I will definitely letting folks know all about you. Thanks a million for these bonuses too!”

“I am learning so much – not just about meal composition but also on a spiritual and emotional level.  I am adapting the 7-Week plan to my life and my family and in these first 4 weeks I’ve already lost 17 lbs!  I have been on Weight Watchers in the past and it took me almost 2 years to lose 30 lbs.  I’ve lost more than half that in just one month!  And it doesn’t feel like a diet at all.  I think one of the biggest differences is eliminating most of the processed foods.  They don’t even taste good any more.  This is a way of eating I can stick with!”  Luanne B.

Lori says:   Your book is amazing!!!!! Inspiring again! I am only half way thru it and I love the spirit that pours out of it! You have certainly breathed life into it. I feel as though you are in the room with me talking to me!  And I would say that access to you by email is worth $100K annually!  What a bargain!
Chris says:  Considering I eat relatively clean anyway and still lost six pounds in two weeks on your cleanse, I’m fully convinced that you found whatever equation you had to find for weight loss.
Nancy says:” I am amazed that the seasonings I use on this plan are just as wonderful as the unhealthy ones I used in the past. They seem to go further…which I truly like because bland food was one of my biggest concerns with this plan and I can honestly say I have not experienced that problem at all.”


“Ann is quite the remarkable lady. I highly recommend her services to anyone and will always have no second thoughts or regrets when referring clients to her. I have had such a strong connection with her that I believe it to be divine. Ann makes you feel that you are on the exact same wavelength when you are communicating with her and it’s as though she’s been your best friend all your life. I am very proud and honored to call her a friend. She is a fellow coach and a true inspiration in my life. Thank you Ann, for all you do.”

~Rob Clinton

Dave Mucci says: “I have a blood pressure machine. I check it everyday. It has been around 120/80 consistently. I feel good the water really helps. Lost weight and I have a lot of energy. Thanks for the help!”

Nancy H. says: “It is very rewarding for me to connect with you each day as well. I just mentioned to my husband last night how good I feel about this plan and your guidance. I have to share Ann, that the best part of this whole process is having you at my fingertips.”

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